Work on the Net – How to Find Internet Jobs and Higher Paying Clients

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Being able to work on the net from home is an attractive prospect. You can live a much better/work life balance and can rely on your own ingenuity to build a successful and rewarding career.

But before you start daydreaming about working on your laptop in coffee shops or in the garden, you first have to find enough online work from home jobs to support yourself.

So where to look?

If you’re just starting out a good place to look for work on the net jobs are freelance work bidding websites, like Elance, Guru or Peopleperhour. On these websites you’ll find literally 1000s of companies looking for people that work on the net from home. This includes data entry, virtual assistant tasks, freelance writing and web development.

The only problem is that, just like bees to honey, these websites also attract 1000s of people, just like you, looking for jobs where they work on the net. This means that pay can often be low, with bidders often offering rock bottom rates to secure the work.

Constantly bidding for low paying jobs isn’t going to give you the dream work on the net lifestyle you’re looking for over the long-term. You‘ll simply find yourself working crazy hours to pay the rent or turning in substandard work.

However, freelance bidding websites are a good place for building up your experience, portfolio and contacts.

Another option would be to target the less popular freelance bidding websites which have less competition. There might be fewer work on the net jobs to choose from but with fewer bidders to compete with you might find more success. Smaller sites to target include Project4Hire and Net4ManPower.

Grow your brand to find higher paying work on the net clients

Once you’ve built up your experience and portfolio, and want to move your work from home career up the pay scale, you want to start thinking about building your online brand:

1)      Create a professional looking website that tells potential clients about why they should hire you, your experience and portfolio samples. Remember, you can get amazing looking WordPress themes which you can easily customise at Themeforest for less than $40.

2)      Network on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Tell your friends and contacts about your new work on the net from home business (just make sure you do it casually rather than spam everyone with hard sell messages).

3)      Join relevant groups in social media sites and forums, and make relevant comments that add to the discussion (again, don’t spam as this will harm your reputation and probably just get your comments deleted). Include your website address in your signature to build up links to your website and so people know where they can find more information about this intelligent person that just made a very insightful comment.

4)      Everyone loves a freebie, so consider what you can give away that people will share and spread awareness of your brand. This could be an eBook, guest blog post or YouTube video talking about a common business problem.

If you continue building your reputation through pushing out valuable content people want to share, then gradually you should start to attract higher paying clients that want you for your expertise (rather than because you’re a cheap option).

So whatever stage your work on the net career is at, there are lots of things you can be doing to find clients and attain the work from home dream.

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