Work from Home Online – Top 5 Jobs

work from home online jobs

Are there really any “work from home online jobs” that aren’t scams? Some of my relatives and friends often wonder if my online job is legit. They are curious but at the same time doubtful about the ability to make money over the internet. I try not to make a long explanation because most of them are not internet savvy and they wouldn’t understand anyway. I simply tell them that I get paid to work from home doing online jobs for business owners and stay away from online scams and look for legit oppotunities.

If you are planning to look for a work from home online job to supplement your income, the internet is a good option. But you have to be cautious to avoid the scams on the web. You should know how to differentiate what is a legitimate work from home online job and what’s not. Most job offers that promise crazy amounts of weekly or monthly pay are scams. Always do backgrounds check on the company that you are going to apply for and never give out personal information or fees online.

But there are plenty of real work from home online jobs out there. Here’s my top five:

Work from home online job 1 – Home Agent

If you are comfortable talking with stranger through the phone then maybe this job is for you. A home agent is basically a person who works from home online handling customer communications and providing customer service. You can be an independent contractor or apply right to the source like Convergys, TeleTech and Sitel.  These companies provide training and coaching. They also treat their home based workers like a regular employee with regular hours and health benefits and even provide vacation with pay. However, if you want to be an independent contractor try sites like LiveOps, Odesk and Elance.

Work from home online job 2 – Freelancer

If you already have a set of skills but are having a hard time finding employers then you can visit Elance, Guru and FreelanceSwitch. You can either search for jobs that match your specific skills or post your resume with a detailed description of yourself and your experiences and let the employers find you.

Work from home online job 3 – E-Book Author

If you are fond of writing but doesn’t really know how to earn some cash out of it. Then try publishing some of your stories on Wattpad. It has been referred to as the YouTube of writing because of the way it enables authors to share their work with the world. Although the site doesn’t really give you compensation on every book or chapter you publish on the site, I have met a few lucky people that were noticed by various film outfits.

You also become a published author writing books for Kindle. It’s a competitive market, but with a good story and writing skills anything is possible.

Work from home online job 4 – Medical Transcriptionist

The good thing about being an online transcriptionist is having the flexibility to manage your own work. You can choose whatever time of the day you wish to work and you can easily take days off when you want to go off with your family and with other commitments. This is perfect for parents who have young children to look after at home. All you need is a pair of headset, a working computer/laptop and a minimum typing speed of 40wpm.

Work from home online job 5 – Medical Biller

The job requires one to create a relationship with patient accounts without necessarily coming into physical contact with any patients. They work directly with the insurance companies to process medical bills incurred by patients and ensure that the respective health care providers are compensated for their services rendered.


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