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work on the net selling goods

While times are tough, people are watching their dollars and hunting for bargains online. This makes it the perfect time to start a work from home business selling products you create yourself or can buy cheaply for a healthy profit.

If you are artistically inclined, why not try creating a designer brand of your own (as my sister is doing)? You could create designer mugs, birthday cards or T-shirts to sell to people who like something unique and different to mass produced items.

It’s relatively cheap to get items printed with your designs or you can buy equipment so you can work from home printing them yourself. A fantastic way of giving your self designed items that extra special touch of exclusivity is to limit each design to a batch of 100. You should then mark every item with its batch number and create a certificate confirming its uniqueness. Creating a story behind your designs is also a very effective marketing tactic.

If you’re planning on selling people’s unwanted items, then charity shops and yard sales are a great place to look. In particular, look out for designer clothes that are still in good condition which you can sell to label conscious fashionistas.

Other items that can sell well (in my experience) are old board games and video games (particularly if the boxes are in good condition). In fact, I made over $1000 selling old games, clothes and other items when moving house.

You have two main options for your work at home job selling online:

1)      Sell on eBay

This gives you access to a massive potential market. The best advice is to always start your auctions low to attract bids in the hopes that a bidding war ensues and pushes prices up. You should also write honest descriptions and deal with complaints politely so you can build a trustworthy reputation and attract plenty of bidders.

The big drawback of eBay is that it’s difficult to charge a premium for products on a website that is seen as a glorified car boot sale. You also have to pay eBay every time you list.

2)      Create a website of your own

This might be a better option if you want to sell unique items you’ve created yourself or have a niche market. Creating your own website enables you to brand it and create a selling environment that enables you to charge a higher price. The drawback is that it can take a while to build traffic to your website, through the search engines, social media and forums. But if you’re passionate about the items you’re selling, then starting a blog is an effective and enjoyable way of growing search engine traffic.

Doing work from home selling on auction sites and your own site can earn you a very profitable income. It takes a lot of work though, finding items, listing them, packaging them and dealing with customers. But many people have found it to be an excellent way to work on the net from home.

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