How You Can Work on the Net as a Virtual Personal Assistant

work on the net as a virtual private assistant

There are 1000s of small businesses that need help with administrative tasks they don’t have time or the manpower to do themselves. Rather than hire a fulltime secretary, many are now choosing the convenience and cost savings of hiring a virtual personal assistant that can work on the net from home.

As well as only needing to pay them when they need a task doing, businesses also save on the cost of office space and equipment. So it’s a win win situation all round.

You can work from home and work for clients literally all over the world. This means that if you have the right skills and market yourself well then it’s possible to earn a substantial salary as a virtual personal assistant.

So what skills do you need?

You need to be able to multitask and able to handle the pressure of managing three or more clients at once. Clients will expect the same level of professionalism they’d get in the office, so you need to be punctual in responding to telephone calls and emails.

The task you could be asked to do could include typing letters, proof reading, scheduling appointments, research and answering their helpline. And my advice is always to find ways to expand your services to make yourself more valuable to clients. So why not offer to look after website updates, create slideshow presentations, manage their Twitter and Facebook campaigns and to put together their email newsletter? Being able to work on the net means there are many tasks you can do for clients that weren’t possible (or didn’t exist) 20 years ago.

As with many work from home jobs, it’s a competitive market out there. So before you jump into searching through job listings and freelancer websites for work, consider getting a virtual assistant qualification and putting together a simple website to promote your services.

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