Can You Earn $100s Per Week Completing Online Surveys Working from Home?

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Can you really earn $100s per week completing online surveys from home?

The short answer is NO

Not unless you are prepared to fill out surveys around the clock, all day, every day. And even then you might struggle to pay the rent and live off more than a diet of tinned beans.

The internet is flooded with websites claiming you can earn $100s or $1000s a week with just a couple of hours work a day doing work from home, and ‘online surveys’ is an area where these websites are rife.

You should always be suspicious of any website that asks for money before revealing exactly how you can earn the income they claim.

Online surveys can be a fun way of earning small rewards

While there are a lot of scams, there are plenty of legitimate online survey websites out there which do pay you reasonable money.

Many people enjoy sharing their opinions and answering questions and earning small rewards. And these sites will often pay you in points which you can then exchange for gifts, money and vouchers you can use at reputable retailers like Amazon.

One proviso is you often have to earn a certain number of points before the survey company will payout. So it’s worth checking the small print before you invest too many hours hammering out survey answers.

So if you have some spare time and would like to spend it productively, then online surveys are worth a look. Just don’t be fooled into thinking you will be able to work from home and earn $100s doing them unless you are prepared to put in some serious hours.

If working from home filling in surveys sounds interesting to you, here are a few online survey websites worth a look:

>>>Take Surveys for

>>>Click 4 Surveys

>>>Get Paid for Your Opinions

Disclaimer – Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means I earn commission if you decide to participate in one of the survey schemes. However, all of them provide 60-day money back guarantees. So if you are unable to earn money from completing the surveys then your registration or purchase fee can be refunded.

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  1. That is sooooo true. There are good survey sites (market research companies) that will pay you for your opinions and honest thoughts about products and services we all use everyday. You just need to do a little homework and investigation before you sign-up. Never pay a fee to do this….there are a bunch of good sites that actually pay for your opinions that are completely free and have good Privacy Policies. I can’t stress it enough….with all the good free sites available….you should never pay any money to join a survey site.


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