Top 5 Productivity Boosting Habits for Working from Home

busy business man

When you’re running a home based business, effective time management is a key to success. You have an endless list of tasks to complete but only a limited amount of time. So you have to be able to prioritize the things that you want to accomplish during the day and cut out the procrastination.

A lot of home based business entrepreneurs admit that they tend to procrastinate on high priority tough task and waste too much time on low-priority admin tasks which eat up their day. This is why successful entrepreneurs that work from home adopt productivity boosting habits that give them the competitive edge and steer them to success.

Here are top five productivity boosting habits of successful home based business owners:

  1. Establish a routine

Make a daily schedule and stick to it. Making a list of what you want to accomplish every day helps you stay motivated and avoid distractions like TV and social media.

New unexpected tasks may come your way but you have to prioritize whether they are of greater importance than what you have on your list or whether it can wait. What makes a home based business owner successful is being able to stick to daily and not stopping until they are all completed.

  1. Exercise and meditate

Exercise not only tones your muscles but also energizes your brain power as well. A 2012 study by the Montreal Heart institute found that aerobic exercise increased cognitive function from increased blood flow to the brain.

To gain the benefits you don’t have to lift weights or do some rigid exercise. A simple 30 minute jog or yoga meditation is enough to get the healthy brain boost. It’s also wise to do some physical activity during the day to relieve stress and to give yourself a boost of natural energy, rather than rely on caffeine to power through to the end of the day.

  1. Check your progress

Regularly review your progress and see how far have you gone during the day. Figure out what are more relevant things that deserve your full attention and deserve the most focus. Completing big tasks can be more efficient if you break them down into stages. Otherwise you can get to the end of the day and not feel like you’re accomplished anything. Aim for quality over quantity and figure out how to get better results in a short period of time.

  1. Spend quality time with family and recharge

Sometimes children and family can feel like a distraction from running your home based business. But a lot of successful people have managed to prioritize spending quality time with their family. Successful entrepreneurs use their family as inspiration to drive themselves to achieve their goals. To be able to have fun with your family and friends amidst your busy schedule can also save you from the risk of burnout. Recharging yourself and temporarily disconnecting your focus from work will give you a new and wider perspective about your personal life and your business.

  1. Plan for tomorrow – tonight

Having lists of priorities will help you get more done in less amount of time. Why not prepare tonight the things that you expect to do tomorrow? Preparing the night before ensures you can be focused on what needs to get done the moment you sit at your desk, dining room table or whether you work from home. Another vital habit is getting a good night’s sleep so you have you energy to be as productive as possible running your home based business.


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