Three Ways of Working from Home on the Net

Would you like to be able to work from home? A lot of people do. Being able to set your own timetable and to work in coffee shops, in the park or from wherever there’s WiFi certainly sounds appealing. And, despite what some managers might think, studies show that working from home can also improve your productivity. Without the distractions of office chatter and the commute to work every day, you can get a lot more done. And I’m sure everyone wants to be their own boss.

Working from home can have its downside though. It can feel isolating not having work colleagues around to interact with. And being able to choose their own hours isn’t right for everyone; some people need the watchful eye of a manager to keep them motivated.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle of working from home, however, is being able to find enough work so you can support yourself. Just like any other business, it takes time to market yourself, to build up a portfolio and to find enough clients to keep you busy and to earn enough to pay the bills. But plenty of people have done it and are able to work from home running a successful online business.

Here are three ways of making money online working from home on the net:

Freelance writer or copywriter

If you are hoping to become the next JK Rowling then you might need a reality check. It took her many years of living on little money and dealing with book refusals before Harry Potter was published and she became the billionaire she is today. The fact is that for every JK Rowling there are a million struggling writers, and it’s getting even tougher with the rise of eBooks and online piracy to make money as a fiction writer. Instead, a more profitable market is to target businesses as a freelance copywriter.

Businesses, both big and small, need writers all the time to write press releases, brochures, blogs, email marketing campaigns and now video scripts. The big companies also pay great rates for competent, reliable copywriters with a mere dash of creativity. So if fancy yourself as a wordsmith, starting an online business working from home as a freelance copywriter is a real possibility.

Virtual Personal Assistant

There are thousands if not millions of businesses that need the assistance of a virtual assistant to look after all the admin tasks they don’t have time for. This could include answering the phone, responding to customer emails, filling in spreadsheets, writing letters and all the other tasks a secretary would do in a conventional office.

The internet and modern communication tools like Skype mean that it’s not possible to provide all these services working from home just as though you were based in the office. Another benefit is you can work on the net for more than one client at once – so long as you are well organized, of course.

Affiliate Marketing

Many people now work on the net from home in affiliate marketing. In simple terms, this involves creating websites relevant to a specific interest (like this one) or a problem that people have, like weight loss. You then make money through people clicking on the advertising links for products that relate to their interest.

There’s a lot to learn if you want to start doing affiliate marketing. This includes how to setup a website, how to drive traffic and the best ways of promoting offers to your visitors. This can take months, if not years, to learn how to do well.

I started investigating affiliate marketing earlier this year, but I’ve already been working on the net from home for the last six years. If I was to start from scratch, with no knowledge of how to build a website and the other skills you need, my recommendation would be to sign up for a reputable course, such as Bring the Fresh, which teaches you all the skills you need to create money making websites. This will save you a lot of time, and the upfront investment is worth it compared to trying to piece everything together yourself from various forums and articles strewn around the web.

After learning how it’s done, it’s then up to you to practice what the course teaches you and to find a profitable niche you are interested in, because there is a lot of article writing involved.

Dont believe the scammers – making money online is hard work

So as this post highlights, there are plenty of ways you can work on the net from home. But as with everything in life, you should be prepared for some hardwork and to avoid the many scams that promise to show you how to make $100s or $1000s every week for very little effort. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

There have never been so many opportunities to start a new business with the internet, a strategy and the right attitude. On this website I cover great new ideas for businesses with low startup costs and high potential earnings. This includes offline businesses, like roof power washing or starting a fruit juice business, along with affiliate marketing and other online opportunities. If there is a business you'd like me to investigate, feel free to get in touch.


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