How to Start a Fruit Juice Business from Home and Profit from the World’s Fastest Growing Drinks Market

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Ready to profit from the explosion in healthy smoothies and fruit juices?

In this post I discuss how to start a fruit juice business from home with low startup costs and even if you have no prior experience.

If you’d rather spend your time in the kitchen than sat staring at a computer screen, starting a juicing company might be the perfect home based business for you. The popularity of fruit juices made from natural ingredients is rocketing year on year, while the startup costs are low and the potential market vast.

As always when starting a home business venture, the key to success is planning and having the right strategy. You want to ensure, from day one, that you can avoid the banana skins and squeeze the maximum profit from every orange, carrot and beetroot you throw in the blender.

Healthy eating habits are causing demand to rocket

Fizzy drinks manufacturers are getting worried. The rise in health consciousness and concern over what all these artificial food ingredients are doing to our bodies is causing a major shift in people’s diets.

Sales of fizzy drinks are plummeting while those of natural fruit juices are going sky high. The fruit juice market is already twice the size of tea and much greater than cola, with 73 billion liters of fruit drinks expected to be sold per year by 2017.

Rather than a passing fad, the rising popularity of fruit juice represents a deeper shift. Juice bars are popping up everywhere to service a customer base that’s expanding from the hip and trendy, wishing to swap their Pina coladas for a pineapple juice, to include those who want to lose weight and parents worried about what impact preservatives and artificial coloring may be having on their child’s health and behavior.

People who started a fruit juice business and juiced their way to huge profits

There are already some incredible success stories of people that have grown home based juicing businesses into million dollar enterprises in a mere few years.

In the UK, for example, the Juice Club’s 24 year old owner went from making a loss to £350,000 turnover, while VegeSentials went from squeezing mangos on the kitchen table to managing distribution to Waitrose, Ocado and other national chains in a mere two years.

These success stories might be the stuff of dreams. But they demonstrate what can be achieved with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to seize on opportunities in the marketplace.

Challenges you’ll need to overcome if you want to start a fruit juice business

If you want to start a fruit juice business from home, you will have three key challenges to overcome:

Quality Recipes

Selling just orange juice isn’t going to be enough to build a business around. There’s too much competition already. Instead you’ll want to produce a variety of straightforward juices, like carrot and apple, along with a few with novel sounding names, like ‘Nature’s Hangover Cure’ or ‘Fruit Filled Power Sauce’.

But ultimately you’re not going to be in business for long if your juices taste bad. You’ll want to ensure you can get the balance between sweet and sour just right, which is going to mean a lot of experimentation before you even consider letting your fruity drinks free from the kitchen.


Getting your sums right is always a deciding factor between success and failure. It’s vital that you have some accurate figures on the cost of producing each fruit juice, what price to charge and how many you’ll need to sell to make a profit.

The beauty of starting a juicing business is that you can run it from your kitchen table and the ingredients are relatively cheap. As your business grows, you may also be able to make a deal with a local supplier to bu in bulk and push your profit margin higher.


The potential market of customers you can sell to in person is huge – health conscious, gym goers, concerned parents, people wanting to lose weight. But you’re going to need an effective advertising strategy unless you’re happy traipsing door to door.

While selling direct to customers lets you keep the fattest wedge of profits, the big money is going come from selling to local businesses e.g. restaurants, coffee shops, healthy food stores, gyms, organic food sellers. You’ll want to work on getting your pitch worked out before approaching these people and presenting them with an offer that’s going to be fruitful for both parties.

Before starting your home based juicing business, it’s sensible to work out all the answers to these challenges so you can avoid the bottlenecks and be squeezing out profits as quickly as possible.

Get advice from a pro on how to fast track your fruit juice biz success

Overcoming challenges is part of starting any home based business. But avoiding mistakes from the outset can save a lot of time, money and frustration. Thankfully, you need not be alone when starting your fruit juice business from home. It’s possible to learn from those who’ve navigated all the challenges

Thankfully, you need not be alone when starting your fruit juice business from home. It’s possible to learn from those who’ve navigated all the challenges already, and can fast track your path to success.

Jeff Green is one such person, who started a fruit juice business from home after discovering their weight loss benefits firsthand. After getting through all the startup challenges, he was able to start generating $100 a day in profit within a month from selling bottles of liquidized spinach, beetroot and apple. To assist other people in starting a juice business and achieve the same results he did, he’s put together what he calls the ‘

To assist other people in starting a juice business and achieve the same results he did, he’s put together what he calls the ‘Juicing to Profit System’.


What the Juicing to Profit System contains

Created by someone who knows the business firsthand, The Juicing to Profit System provides everything you need to get your own juice business started.

This includes:

  • Detailed advice on managing the costs
  • How to grow your client base
  • How to find and pitch to distribution partners
  • How to maximize order volumes
  • Tried and tested recipes
  • Professional predesigned juice labels
  • Advertising flyers
  • Predesigned Facebook ads
  • How to maximize profits

With so much included, his Juicing to Profit System is a good investment for the professionally designed advertising flyers and recipe book alone.

But when you also consider that you’re getting all the sales and marketing advice you need, the Juicing to Profit System can help you to avoid making costly mistakes and be making big profits as quickly as possible.

What’s more, The Juicing to Profit System is supplied with a full 60-day money back guarantee. So if your fruit juice business fails to take off you can get simply get your money back.

>>>Find out more about the Juicing to Profit System

Disclaimer – The links to the Juicing to Profit System are affiliate links. This means I earn commission if you decide to purchase it. However, the system is supplied with a 60-day money back guarantee. So if your juicing business isn’t profitable within this time, or you don’t find the system very helpful, your money will be refunded.

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