SCAMWORLD video exposes the tactics used by some internet marketers to trick people out of their money

online scams try to trick people that want to work from home

Sadly, where there is human need or desperation scam merchants are only too quick to step in with the promise of a miracle cure.

Being able to work from home and earn an income doing work on the internet is a dream for millions. Whether it’s someone who’s just been layed off, a mom wishing to earn extra money for childcare or someone who’s left college to discover there are no jobs, there’s no shortage of people desperate to earn the millions from ‘push button strategies’ that earn $100s every day while you sleep.

Unfortunately, there are no end of scams online, only too happy to take people’s money in exchange for a poorly produced eBook and a bunch of videos, and then leaving you to try and put an online business together. Here is a video highlighting why you should be wary about some of the internet marketing courses you hear about and question whether they are just snake oil salesmen in disguise:

You can read more about this video and the online reaction from both the internet marketing community and the media here.

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