Remote Working Collaboration and Productivity Tools for Getting More Done in Less Time

remote worker productivity softwareA recent survey in Computer Business Review found that 32% of UK staff now do remote work from home. This is a trend that’s set to continue with the proliferation of laptops and smartphones which make it possible to work from coffee shops, home offices and literally anywhere with an internet connection.

But along with the technology, you need the right software to be able to work smartly and productively with other remote workers and employees doing work on internet from home.

Skype – The #1 player in VoIP communications should be the first software any remote worker should install. Skype to Skype calls are free, which includes video calls. You can also upgrade to a paid version for larger group calls and dashboard sharing.

Go to Meeting – This is a professional grade conferencing solution packed with features to improve collaboration and productivity of meetings. This includes desktop sharing, tools to draw or highlight items of interest, the ability to have public or private chats with other attendees and you can replay meetings afterwards to check you didn’t miss any important information. You can try Go to Meeting for yourself with a 30 day free trial.

5pm Project Management Software – For keeping track of projects, 5pm Project Management Software is a cost effective option. You can easily track all the activity of other remote workers and office based staff on projects, as well as add notes, set priorities and track their time for billing clients at the end. You can test it out for yourself with a free 15 day trial to see how it can help you to collaborate when doing internet work from home.

Huddle – Huddle is used by 90,000 businesses globally and is an enterprise grade collaboration and productivity tool. Remote workers and employees doing work on the internet from home can access the same files, while managers can assign tasks, organise workflows and check who is working on which project at any time. With Enterprise class security, Huddle is trusted by governments (including 70% of the UK central government) to improve productivity and keep documents safe. You can also get a free trial to test its benefits for yourself.

Dropbox – Emailing documents backwards and forwards can make it confusing to know which is the latest version. With Dropbox you can remotely save files to the Cloud, so that when doing work from home you can still access the same files and folders as office based staff. Another advantage is that managers can access documents without having to chase after remote staff.

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