Remote Worker Training Software for Shorter On-boarding and Improved Internet Employee Productivity

software for training remote workers
According to research by IDC, 75% of the American workforce (and 35% of the global workforce) will be working remotely, in some form, by 2013. It’s a fact that the nature of how we work is changing fast – no longer is work restricted to the office but internet employees can now work from home, at a coffee shop and literally anywhere with an internet connection.

This rapidly changing approach to work offers great life/work balance benefits for employees but poses significant challenges for employers. One of which is how to perform remote worker training and the on-boarding of home based employees.

However, we often underestimate how much training in the workplace is actually self directed, with guidance from existing staff as and when needed. With this in mind, it’s perfectly feasible to offer remote workers and internet employees the same level of training they’d get in the office using modern software applications.

At a basic level, you could email the training material and then setup group Skype calls or instant messenger chats for resolving questions and hosting group training sessions. But for a more business focused solution, you should look at a dedicated remote working training solution like ‘Go to Training’.

Developed by Citrix Online (which also launched the popular Go To Meeting web conferencing solution), Go To Training has been specifically designed for today’s modern remote workforce. It makes it quick and easy to setup remote worker training sessions, saving the time and travel costs of attending in person.

All the training materials can be stored in a central resource, and during training sessions, which can be held for up to 200 people, remote workers can raise their hand digitally to ask questions. You can also set tests, record sessions and set a timer for breaks. So with all these features, Go To Training offers an enterprise grade remote worker training solution for minimising on-boarding time and maximising the productivity of internet employees and remote workers.

You can try out Go To Training for yourself to see how it can benefit your business with a 30 day free trial.

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