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Getting Funding for Your Home Based Business Can Be Stressful

home based business funds

Starting your own home based business and entrepreneurial startup in today’s economy can be tough. But if you got enough courage to face the tides then you might stand a chance.

The first thing to do is devise a Business Plan. You should have a blueprint that can guide you and keep you on track every step of the way. Conduct research and gather enough information in the home based business that you want to start.  Find the funds, don’t rule out your friends and family they might come in handy when the time comes. After figuring out how much capital you need, then that’s the time where you can decide and find ways on how you are going to raise some money.

The fear of asking friends for funds

Speaking from my own experience, I find working from home running a home based business can be more difficult than a full time job. The psychological stress a the risk factors I have to take can take a toll on me. Especially if borrowing money from relatives and friends, that anxious feeling that you might fail them, aside from yourself.

There is no perfect recipe for home based business success, you need to be brave enough to face every challenge that you encounter on the daily operations of the business. But every success stories I know comes from humble beginnings and a whole lot of passion.

Engage in a business working from home you are most passionate about and don’t settle for anything less. Because time might come that your will decide and your conviction will most probably get tested.  You must love it even if you can foresee a future possibility of failure.

Learn from your failures and move on

Learn from life and your failure. You will never reap the fruit of your labor if you gave up easily on your first attempt. Don’t be close minded; open your mind to every possibilities. Everyday there is always opportunity that will keep knocking your door. Be open to new ideas and innovations. Sometimes the problems and the challenges that you encounter will pave a way for new opportunities.

Always think forward and never doubt yourself. You can never convince people to help and support you in making your home based business a success unless you believe in it fully yourself.




Project Management Software for Employees Doing Remote Work on the Internet

project management software

When you’ve got employees doing work on the internet remotely it can be difficult to keep on top of projects. You don’t have the luxury of being able to walk around the office to monitor your employees or to call impromptu meetings to check everything is on track.

However, you can bridge the gap with project management software. With more and more people opting to gain the lifestyle benefits of working remote from home, there are plenty of tools you can use to ensure employees doing work on the internet are able to collaborate and working productively:

Skype – The established player in VoIP internet calls. You can make FREE 1-1 voice and video calls as well as use the instant messenger for quick questions and text group chats. If you want to hold group conference calls, amongst remote workers, then you can upgrade to a premium edition (which also offers group screen sharing) for $8.99/month.

Google+ – The social networking site has a range of features that can make it an effective project management for doing remote work on the internet. You could also use it for customer service enquiries. It’s ‘Hangouts’ video calling service can be used for group calls of up to 10 people for free, and it’s easy to separate internet employees into separate Circles so there’s no confusion.

Google Docs – Sending Word documents back and forth can get confusing as to which is the latest version, and only one internet employee can work on it at one time. However, with Google Docs you can all work on the same document simultaneously and ensure you’re all working on the same version. Managers of remote workers can also see the progress being made at any time.

Dropbox – This popular cloud based data storage service is great for backing up files and for collaboration between employees doing remote work on the internet. Everyone can access and update files stored in a shared fold, which auto updates to the latest version of every file. This makes it simple for remote workers in multiple locations to share and work on the same files, and for managers to track their progress without having to keep emailing internet employees for progress reports.

5pm Project Management Software – All of the tools above are great for communication and document sharing, but what about keeping track of the projects themselves? To fill the void is 5pm Project Management. This remote working software package enables you to track all the activity related to any number of projects and manage them all in the same place. Remote internet employees can add progress notes, set priorities and track their time, which comes in handy when billing clients.

You can try it out for yourself with a FREE 15 day trial and see how it can improve project management of your employees doing remote work on the internet.

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Feds Crackdown on Online Scam Companies

watch out for online scams

The Federal Trade Commission has yet again put an end to two companies that allegedly scammed consumers by promising them a considerable amount of income through home-based businesses. A company called The Tax Club was accused of selling services by allegedly falsely claiming they would help consumers to succeed in their home businesses.  According to a complaint received by FTC, the company falsely claimed to be affiliated with companies that consumers had already bought services or products from.

The second settlement that was announced was for the American Business Builders for falsely selling a home-based business opportunity where consumers were asked for a fee between $295 to $495 that said to make a significant amount of income by earning commissions alone. The Tax Club and American Business Builders are charged with a fine of $15.6 million and $5.4 million dollars respectively.  Aside from the fine, the operators and affiliated businesses are now barred from selling or benefitting from consumers’ personal information, and failing to properly dispose of consumer information.

You also need to be wary of work from home scams

How wide are online scams? From computer virus cold calling scams from India to online lottery scams and dating scams. Home based work scams were the most common on the web. The “get rich quick” schemes proved to be a hot selling bundle online. Most people don’t even believe if legitimate online jobs do really exist. Considering the kind of economy we have today, everybody needs a job and scammers do what they do best – making too good to be true job postings online that entice young and old people to fall for their trap, which can include making applicants pay for a training fee.

A legitimate job doesn’t make the applicants pay for the training; it is the applicant’s prerogative to receive compensation for every training or work he/she does for the company.

The internet offers a global marketplace for consumers and businesses, but it also serve as an easy gateway to various scams. What netizens should do is to stay vigilant against online scams. Be aware of those opportunistic scams you come across with. Do your research first about the company and do not ever divulge any personal and financial information. If you are looking for legitimate online job agencies go for those sites that have high trust ratings. Everyone should put up a scam-detection radar.

These are some positive indicators to watch out for if you are looking for a legitimate  employment online:

  • See how established the company that was hiring.
  • The Ad should include the company name and physical address.
  • The Human Resources Personnel of the company should be available for any inquiries.
  • Company values and policies should be clear.
  • A detail Job Responsibilities and duties is provided.
  • Work experience and References is requested.


Improve Remote Worker Productivity with Internet Employee Monitoring Software

track what internet employees are up to

The way we work is changing. No longer are employees chained to their desks but are now doing work on the internet remotely. Instead of being stuck in office cubicles, people are now working from their garden, in coffee shops and anywhere quiet with an internet connection.

While the benefits of doing remote work on the internet are obvious for employees. For employers the risks can seem to outweigh keeping employees happy. How can you be sure remote internet employees are working productively? What about the security risks of people working on the internet from home?

After all, in an office environment the threat of an employer looking over their shoulder is enough to keep most people focused on their jobs. But when the threat of being caught on Facebook or shopping on Amazon is removed, how can you ensure remote workers are doing what you pay them for?

Benefits of employee monitoring software

With employee monitoring software you can keep a virtual eye on what your remote workers are up to. Once installed on the remote worker’s PC, you can track every keystroke, file download, instant messenger chat and even see their screen at any time. The ability to see virtually what remote employees are up to, at any time, offers a range of benefits:

Enhanced productivity – When they know their activity is being tracked, employees doing work on the internet will be less likely to shirk off, wasting time reading the news or chatting with friends when they should be working.

Better performance – Internet employees will perform better when they know their activity is being tracked by employee monitoring software.

Better security – You’ll know exactly which files have been emailed or uploaded. If there is a security breach then you’ll be able to find the culprit quickly. Knowing they can be caught and their guilt proven with cast iron certainty should be enough to put any potentially disloyal employee from sharing your data.

Imonitor Employee Monitoring Software is an award-winning package that can track literally everything your employees doing work on the internet are up to. This includes keystrokes, website visits, online chats, emails and screenshots.

The professional edition also gives you one-click access to view everyone on your entire network in realtime – from one central location. So you always know what your remote internet employees are doing at any time and from wherever you are.

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How the Shark Tank’s Entreprenurs Show You How to Turn Negativity into Motivation

ABC TV TCA Aug 09 Party

Who’d have thought a straight D grade student would become a successful real estate mogul someday? With a net worth of almost $140 million, Barbara Corcoran the famous “Shark” investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank” is a businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author and television personality. She has it all, but she is still haunted by her insecurities, and how people perceived her as stupid in the past.

Barbara Corcoran is the perfect example of someone who turned their insecurities and negativities into motivation. Barbara has dyslexia and not a lot of people understand what it means to be diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disability that alters the way the brain processes words, and is typically characterized by difficulties in word recognition, spelling and decoding.

But instead of getting frustrated, depressed and wallow in self pity, Barbara used her disabilities as motivation to prove to everyone that she can  succeed in life just like everyone else. She said that, it made her more creative, more social and more competitive. She also feels that it gave her the urge to prove herself to everyone and show the world that she has the grit, determination, and the acumen to succeed in business.

Kevin O’Leary overcomes dyslexia to become a financial guru

Another inspirational life story is of famous Canadian financial guru Kevin O’Leary, which is also known as “Mr. Wonderful”.  At the age of six O’Leary was diagnosed with dyslexia, he has difficulties with accurate word recognition, decoding and spelling. However, he is pretty good with numbers. In 2011 O’Leary published his book entitled “Cold Hard Truth” in which O’Leary show us a glimpse of how his life took a turn when he found out he has learning disabilities and how his life changed completely after enrolling in special education.

O’Leary has undergone therapy to gain his self confidence back. His therapists did a great job in giving him hope and courage, and told him, “You have the ability to read backwards, read in the mirror, read upside down, can your classmates do that?” These kinds of talks with his therapist made O’Leary believe in himself again. They convinced him to view himself like a superhero, or a “mutant with super powers.”

Daymond John launches FUBU despite a learning disability

Fellow Shark Daymond John shares the same story as Corcoran and O’Leary. “In math and science, I would excel, I could look at something quickly and get high grades, A’s and B’s.” says John. However, he found difficulties in reading and spelling which led a frustrated father yelling at him. He didn’t even know how to spell his middle name, Garfield. He also found it really tiring to read a book, he spent more time studying language arts than any other subjects but he still got a C or D.

But this didn’t stop John from trying to be exceptional in other aspects of his life. He focused more on his strengths than on his weaknesses. “I have this attitude about any challenges you have in life,” says John. “You highlight it, address it, and then find out how to work around it. Figure out how to live with it.” With his creativity and analytical genius, John has made himself a stellar reputation in business and enjoying a $350 million fortune from FUBU alone.

Barriers to success in your work from home business can always be moved

Dyslexia is just one of many things that can hold you back. Expect that in business there will be many overwhelming circumstances that you will encounter in the future. The most important thing is how you stand up against these difficulties. Instead of dwelling on a problem as being insurmountable, it’s better to believe that you can achieve what you set out for yourself no matter what gets in the way.

Success does not come easy and there are a lot of pitfalls that can slow you down. But as these successful entrepreneurs from Shark Tank show, it’s up to you how you overcome adversity and make your work from home business a success.

How to Motivate Remote Employees and Improve Remote Workers Productivity

improve productivity remote workers
When you have a team of employees doing remote work on the net from home it can be a challenge to build team spirit or to motivate them as you would in an office. You can’t have informal chats around the water cooler or the luxury of being able to praise or discuss failure face-to-face. However, it’s vital to find a way of replicating this interaction with remote workers. Otherwise they can feel mentally isolated and detached, leading to collaboration and productivity problems.

So how can you build a team sprit with staff doing remote work on internet from home? Here are six tips that can help:

1)       Create a clear vision on your goals – Ensure everyone understands what you are trying to achieve and why their contribution is important

2)      Make time for small talk – Encourage internet employees to share funny stories, chat about the sports and have informal chats as you would in the office. Instant messenger and Skype are perfect toolsfor these brief ‘getting to know you’ conversations. Informal chats go a long way towards team and rapport building, which in turn leads to improved collaboration and productivity amongst internet employees.

3)      Check progress regularly – Tools like 5pm Project Management Software and Dropbox make it possible to check the progress of progress at any time and from any location. This virtual equivalent of looking over an internet employee’s shoulder should be good motivation for them to work productively even when doing work on the net from home.

4)      Measure output in results, rather than hours – Working with remote workers needs a slightly different approach to that in a 9-5 office. A key benefit for internet employees is the ability to work a more flexible work schedule. Using Hive Desk remote workers can clock in and out of the projects they are working on. It also provides you with productivity data and screen captures so you can monitor activity and encourage remote staff to work productively.

5)      Create a team identity – Design a logo or motto with your mission statement. Send out t-shirts and baseball caps with the team name and encourage your internet employees to wear them on Skype or conference calls.

6)      Organise weekly progress reports – Find time to get the whole team together onto a group video or voice call so you can discuss problems, offer praise or talk about where things are going wrong. Bringing your whole team together into a virtual meeting is a great way of making sure you’re all on the same page and problems are discussed openly.

Having internet employees working remotely certainly poses some challenges. But remote working is going to major trend, so it’s important to make good use of the communication and productivity tools available (like Skype, instant messenger and Hive Desk) to ensure remote workers feel like part of the team and stay motivated so you can keep projects on track even though people’s desks might be many miles apart.

Home Based Business Ideas Don’t Have to Be Original

home based business ideas

I didn’t know where did it came from or where I got it from, but ever since I can remember whenever my kindergarten teacher asked me on what I want to become in the future I always answer that I want to be an entrepreneur.  I always want to have a home based business of my own, I don’t mind what kind of business I get into. As long as I have a successful business working from home that can rake in a good amount of cash. But as I get older things gotten a lot messier than what I had imagined. I couldn’t find a  business to venture into that only requires a low start-up capital.

They say that the best home based business should be something that you are most passionate about and turn it into a profitable revenue stream. But to be able to achieve this, you should find a profitable market. There are many business ideas online and offline. There are, for example, many people that run a successful business dropshipping or selling wholesale on eBay or Amazon. They’ve successfully researched what items are the most profitable to sell on and they’ve worked out a smooth process for streamlining all the manual work of listing, managing transactions and answering queries. Because otherwise you can get overloaded with people baraging you with questions about what you’re selling, whether you’ll post to Timbuktoo and all manner of other questions.

The best ideas for home based businesses are all around you

Most successful businesses did not only come from one person’s brilliant idea. This was highlighted on Entrepreneur.com in a post about successful entrepreneurs that were wise enough to ride with the tide. There’s something we can all learn from this and that you dont necessarily have to reinvent the wheel to be successful.

Look for something that is in the fad, it doesn’t matter if there are already existing products on the market. A perfect example for this is a couple from France who jumped on to the Loom band bandwagon and became millionaires in no time, even though Loom bands were invented in the US four years ago by Cheong Choon Ng. They have since been worn by famous celebrities and personalities, making them the fashion accessory of the moment.

So when finding inspiration for your entrepreneurial home based business, remember that it’s not necessarily who thinks of the idea first but who is the first to seize on the opportunity.



How to Start a Kindle Publishing Business from Home – The Long Way and the Lazy Way

legit work from home job opportunities

The Two Ways of Making Money Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle – The Hard Way and the Lazy Way

Kindle sales grow 120% every year, and overtook print a long time ago. If you enjoy writing (and even if you don’t), becoming a published Kindle author can allow you to boost your income with ongoing book sales

If you enjoy writing in your spare time I bet you sometimes find yourself daydreaming of becoming the next E.L. James or Nick Spalding. These two authors found their fame and fortune through self publishing on Kindle, particularly James whose Shades of Grey trilogy shifted over 70 million copies worldwide, plucking the struggling writer from near obscurity to becoming a global phenomenon.

It’s estimated that Amazon made up to $530 million from selling eBooks last year and sold another 20 million Kindles. What’s more, 15 of the top 100 best selling books were by self published authors, led by Nick Spalding in the UK, pocketing them each over $150k annual income.

It’s no wonder becoming a self published author is an attractive home based business. Your overheads are low (well, actually zero if you already have a laptop) and self publishing on Amazon is free, once you deduct their commission. All you need is a creative imagination to come up with a good story and the time, energy and skill to weave it into a literary tale people will enjoy reading.

But even if you cant string intelligible words together, it’s possible to make money publishing on Kindle without writing a single word…

The long way of becoming a self published author on Kindle

If you enjoy writing and have already had some glowing feedback on your short stories, starting a Kindle self publishing business is an obvious choice. Unlike other home based businesses, like internet marketing or drop shipping, you dont have to worry about setting up a website, SEO or need any complicated technical knowledge. All you need is your writing talent and a good story to tell.

The only problem is that there’s a lot of competition on Kindle to get your book noticed and building reviews. This means that writing the book is only half the battle. You then need to promote it on every platform and at every opportunity. Setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account to help promote your book is a good start. You should also consider starting a blog about your writing endeavors and building an email list. That way you will have a crowd of people you can immediately sell your book to when it’s ready.

Goodreads is a prime reading community to target. Create a profile and start interacting with popular reviewers with a large following. Then offer them a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. Just remember that popular reviewers receive daily requests from people, so it’s wise to take time to develop the relationship first rather than spamming as many people as you can. This will only harm your reputation before you’ve even got started.

Create a series so you can sell multiple books to your followers

Once you’ve built a following you’ll want to keep it happy, and generating profit for you, with more books. This is why it’s a good idea to follow the example set by Fifty Shades of Grey and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and to write stories spanning over multiple books. Then you can offer the first book for a low price to get readers hooked before charging a standard rate for the other two.

This applies to both fiction and non-fiction. Consider how you can divide your knowledge of a subject into multiple books, rather than hand over the whole farm in just one.

There’s certainly big profits to be made from becoming a published Kindle author. But with 1000s of people all chasing the same dream, you need to make sure you’re working on your marketing strategy from the moment you type your first word. In between bouts of writer’s block, find popular literary bloggers, reviewers and other people in social media with large followings in your book’s niche, and developing a relationship with them. That way, they’re more likely to agree to review your book and help promote you to their following.

The lazy way of self-publishing on Kindle

If you hate writing, I’ve got some good news for you. There are many people making a healthy income on Kindle without writing a word. Instead, they find people to write the books for them and then repackage them as their own. In fact, this has been heralded as the easiest way of making money online by those already doing it. All you need is to know how to find profitable niches that aren’t already swamped, how to find good authors who are also cheap and then what tactics you can use for finding people to review your book so it gets pushed to the top of Amazon’s search results.

There are many courses that train you how to do this.

The most popular one is the Kmoney Mastery course created by Stefan Pylarinos. He found a way of getting books written for a mere $22 which he could then sell on Kindle and earn an ongoing passive income. Using this method he created a catalog of over 100 books, which nets him a six-figure yearly income. His method is so simple that he even has his sister and mother using it to get their own Kindle books published and making money.

The K-money mastery kindle publishing course

Being a helpful kind of chap, Pylarinos created the Kmoney Mastery course to explain exactly how he does it so that more people can start home based Kindle publishing businesses.

This includes:

  • 26 step-by-step tutorial videos
  • How to find profitable Kindle book niches
  • How to create a professional looking cover for mere dollars
  • How to get positive reviews
  • How to scale your business

You also get temples for explaining to your authors what to write, summaries of each training video and exercises that help drive you through the whole process. So you literally have everything you need to guide you through the entire process of getting your Kindle book’s written and earning profit quickly.

If becoming a self-published author on Kindle sounds like a simple way of making money online, why not check out the Kmoney Mastery course.

Disclaimer – the links to the Kmoney Mastery course are affiliate links, which means I earn commission if you decide to buy the course. As always, I only promote the best courses which can save you a lot of time and fast track your home based business’ success. What’s more, the Kmoney Mastery course is sold with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you aren’t making money in the first two months you can ask for your money back and try a different Kindle publishing course at no risk.


Online Branding a Must for Solopreneurs

Brand Concept Blackboard

To remain competitive in a slow market is quiet challenging with today’s economy. But if you know how to invest your time effectively and create a proper online presence then you can make a difference between landing an in-person interview or being left on the resume pile. Living proof of an effective online brand is Chris Abraham, a leading social media and digital marketing expert. His journey towards his dream job began with just a simple blog post. The post showcased Abraham’s skills, savvy and insight that in just a span of two weeks he was offered a job.

A good career brand depends on the job seeker’s sets of skills, experience and abilities. It’s a combination of your reputation as an employee combined with a promise of your potential and your impact on your future employers. Resume’s and Curriculum Vitae’s are the traditional job seeking methods that can define your career brand. But if we talk about online career brand then the most effective tools are through these:

  • LinkedIn profile- the moment you join in LinkedIn, you are given an opportunity to build connection with other members through the people that belongs in your network.
  • Social networking profiles/accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. – this is the easiest way to build your career brand. You can provide engaging information that can attract your followers.
  • Personal website – considered to be one of the best way to build and promote your career brand. Just like what Chris Abraham did.
  • Professional blog – It can showcase your expertise and knowledge in your profession or industry.

Everyone of us has a dream job. To be able to find a job that you enjoy doing and getting paid at the same time is almost impossible. But you can make it a reality if you work hard to achieve what you wanted.






Remote Working Collaboration and Productivity Tools for Getting More Done in Less Time

remote worker productivity softwareA recent survey in Computer Business Review found that 32% of UK staff now do remote work from home. This is a trend that’s set to continue with the proliferation of laptops and smartphones which make it possible to work from coffee shops, home offices and literally anywhere with an internet connection.

But along with the technology, you need the right software to be able to work smartly and productively with other remote workers and employees doing work on internet from home.

Skype – The #1 player in VoIP communications should be the first software any remote worker should install. Skype to Skype calls are free, which includes video calls. You can also upgrade to a paid version for larger group calls and dashboard sharing.

Go to Meeting – This is a professional grade conferencing solution packed with features to improve collaboration and productivity of meetings. This includes desktop sharing, tools to draw or highlight items of interest, the ability to have public or private chats with other attendees and you can replay meetings afterwards to check you didn’t miss any important information. You can try Go to Meeting for yourself with a 30 day free trial.

5pm Project Management Software – For keeping track of projects, 5pm Project Management Software is a cost effective option. You can easily track all the activity of other remote workers and office based staff on projects, as well as add notes, set priorities and track their time for billing clients at the end. You can test it out for yourself with a free 15 day trial to see how it can help you to collaborate when doing internet work from home.

Huddle – Huddle is used by 90,000 businesses globally and is an enterprise grade collaboration and productivity tool. Remote workers and employees doing work on the internet from home can access the same files, while managers can assign tasks, organise workflows and check who is working on which project at any time. With Enterprise class security, Huddle is trusted by governments (including 70% of the UK central government) to improve productivity and keep documents safe. You can also get a free trial to test its benefits for yourself.

Dropbox – Emailing documents backwards and forwards can make it confusing to know which is the latest version. With Dropbox you can remotely save files to the Cloud, so that when doing work from home you can still access the same files and folders as office based staff. Another advantage is that managers can access documents without having to chase after remote staff.

N.B. As you might have guessed, the links in this article are indeed affiliate links. I hope you’ll see clicking through the click as just a small thank you for gaining this article’s information.


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