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How to work at home with kids

working from home with kids

Working from home and baby sitting your toddlers at the same time is just impossible for some. But every difficult situation has got its own formula. Although it varies to the needs of your children. If both parents are working at home you could devise a plan to balance your professional from your personal needs. Determine what strategies are going to work and what isn’t. Given that you are on a tight budget and hiring a nanny is out of question.  A better strategy would be to take turns on the errands, household chores and the baby sitting. Let them watch some educational materials on TV or you can get them a tablet and buy educational apps for toddlers. It would occupy their mind momentarily and you can continue on your work without a distraction.

I have been working online for almost 3 years now and I am having a blast at first. Along came my baby boy and I started falling apart. A newborn baby is quiet easy to babysit because they will just sleep and sleep for 16-18 hours a day. But when he was already 1 year old. He doesn’t sleep that much and becomes unmanageable. I can’t concentrate on my work most of the time because he keeps on barging into my room and wants to sit on my lap and types  on my keyboard. I always keep my door open for him so that I could easily look out what he is doing at the living room. My strategy was, to let him watch Disney jr. or Nickledeon. But after a few hours he became uninterested and wants my attention. What makes it worse is that his motorskills are now developing and he just climb anything he sees climbable. Like on top of the table or swing himself onto the bar stools. I get a heart attack every time he pulls stunts like that.

Toddlers needs full attention and its hard if you are a single mom. But I think the one thing that helped me get through this is the support of my family. If you can manage to live somewhere near your relatives then it’s a big help. Another thing my 1 year old is fond of are nursery rhymes. He can sing and dance with these videos for hours. Also, try to get the chance to work while your toddler is sleeping. It works out well for me for the past 15 months.

Can Anyone Work from Home?

Does the CB Passive Income System work?


Can anyone possibly work from home? According to Leo Patella an entrepreneur consultant – job approach is continually evolving and American companies are hiring local employees who can work at home.

There are a lot of legitimate jobs that are available, even giant companies like Apple, Guthy-Renker, Uber hire and American express hire employees based at home, providing the same benefits and a flexible working environment for those who are capable enough in handling the isolation and stress, from the demands of your family in your own home. But work from home jobs is not for everyone. It requires dedication, skills, a lot of professionalism and self motivation.

The new way of working driven by technology

The idea of working from home is not possible a few years back, considering the underlying factors on handling remote employees. But with modern technology, the possibility is endless in the worldwide web. Although so many people could not believe that it can be done, because it’s unorthodox and people feel it’s not safe to trust on anyone online. But the world is changing and technology pave the way for humans to better our lives and work in an efficient and yet effective manner.  The percentage of telecommute employees are rising rapidly. Soon enough the statistics of those working at home would exceed of those working from offices.

When I finished high school 15 years ago, I learned about the possibility of working from home. I thought it suits me well because I don’t like to work in a constricted environment where I come and go home on a specified time. But when I was browsing for available jobs on the web, it wasn’t much and most of it we’re scams. So I thought it’s just a myth, no one could perhaps have that luxury of working in an environment that you love.  It’s amazing how new technologies and software applications transcend over time.

Although, I have to admit that there are a lot of people I know who doesn’t grasp the concept yet. They think that you are just slacking off if you said you are working from home. But for some people I know, working and being able to visit their favorite places at the same time. Thought that they are living the dream.

Can You Earn $100s Per Week Completing Online Surveys Working from Home?

 work from home online jobs
Can you really earn $100s per week completing online surveys from home?

The short answer is NO

Not unless you are prepared to fill out surveys around the clock, all day, every day. And even then you might struggle to pay the rent and live off more than a diet of tinned beans.

The internet is flooded with websites claiming you can earn $100s or $1000s a week with just a couple of hours work a day doing work from home, and ‘online surveys’ is an area where these websites are rife.

You should always be suspicious of any website that asks for money before revealing exactly how you can earn the income they claim.

Online surveys can be a fun way of earning small rewards

While there are a lot of scams, there are plenty of legitimate online survey websites out there which do pay you reasonable money.

Many people enjoy sharing their opinions and answering questions and earning small rewards. And these sites will often pay you in points which you can then exchange for gifts, money and vouchers you can use at reputable retailers like Amazon.

One proviso is you often have to earn a certain number of points before the survey company will payout. So it’s worth checking the small print before you invest too many hours hammering out survey answers.

So if you have some spare time and would like to spend it productively, then online surveys are worth a look. Just don’t be fooled into thinking you will be able to work from home and earn $100s doing them unless you are prepared to put in some serious hours.

If working from home filling in surveys sounds interesting to you, here are a few online survey websites worth a look:

>>>Take Surveys for Cash.com

>>>Click 4 Surveys

>>>Get Paid for Your Opinions

Disclaimer – Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means I earn commission if you decide to participate in one of the survey schemes. However, all of them provide 60-day money back guarantees. So if you are unable to earn money from completing the surveys then your registration or purchase fee can be refunded.

How to Start a Multi-Million Dollar Office Cleaning Business from Scratch

how to start an office cleaning business

In this post I discuss how to start an office cleaning business with low startup costs and high potential profits.

Starting a business working from home and turning it into a multi-million dollar enterprise can seem like a pipe dream. The perception is that you have to be very lucky in life or inherit a fortune for it to be possible. But the fact is that creating a million dollar business from scratch is perfectly possible; one way many people have built million dollar enterprises is by starting a commercial office cleaning business.

Whatever’s happening in the economy, the fact is that offices and commercial buildings need to be cleaned. What’s more, they need to be cleaned regularly – and there are a lot of them. This makes an office cleaning business recession proof and one of the most lucrative service businesses out there. The US Department of Labour has reported that office cleaning businesses provide more jobs than any other area of employment, while in the UK office cleaning enterprises provide jobs for nearly 1 in 60 people and the industry is worth $15bn to the UK economy.

So the figures speaking for themselves – starting an office cleaning business from home offers enormous potential for those with an entrepreneurial spirit that don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and, literally, getting their hands dirty.

Benefits of starting an office cleaning business

There are many reasons why starting an office cleaning business could be a real money maker:

Minimal startup costs – To get started, all you need is a hoover, a bucket and some cloths and detergents. The only upgrade you’d need to consider is printing some uniforms with your logo and getting a larger van.

Office cleaning businesses can earn $1000s per week – To give you some ballpark figures, an insurance company will pay $1995 per month, a car dealership $848 every two weeks and a doctor’s office $309 every two weeks. So your potential earnings jump dramatically with each new client.

You can run your commercial cleaning enterprise part time – Office cleaning normally takes place outside of normal office hours. This means you have the daytime to continue with your normal job and can then earn an extra income cleaning offices for a few hours each evening.

Office cleaning businesses are paid for on contract basis – Unlike residential cleaning jobs, which pay hourly, commercial businesses will want to agree a contract and a set rate for cleaning their premises each evening. This means that you earn a guaranteed income each month, for as long as the contract lasts, and the quicker you can complete jobs the higher your earning potential rises.

Your overheads are near non-existent – Without rent to pay or running costs, you can run your office cleaning business on a shoestring. You can also grow or reduce your staff numbers to suit demands and the number of contracts you have.

No training required – Office cleaning might not be the most cerebrally stimulating of occupations, but the advantage of this is you don’t need any special training or qualifications to get started. All you need to be is a perfectionist, a hard worker and to have the entrepreneurial drive to find clients, agree contracts and make your office cleaning business a success.

The steps to take to start an office cleaning business

There are two ways of launching a business cleaning offices and other commercial buildings:

1)      Join a franchise – Popular office cleaning franchises will do all the marketing and advertising for you. So you don’t need to worry about finding clients. All you need to do is turn up to complete the job. The advantage is you have a ready-to-run office cleaning business you can jump straight into. The drawback is you have to pay a large upfront fee to join the franchise and you might also have to pay a monthly fee, taking a large chunk out of your profits

2)      Start your own office cleaning business – If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then the risks and rewards of starting your own commercial cleaning business will sound more appealing. You will have to do all your own marketing to find clients, along with take on the responsibility of hiring staff, managing contracts and growing your business. The upside is that you have more freedom to grow your business and the earning potential is huge.

As you might have gathered, the toughest part of starting an office cleaning business is going to be finding clients and agreeing contracts. This can be a complicated and intimidating process when getting started. Rather simply knock door to door, as you would with a home cleaning business, you need to know how to approach businesses, how to price your services and how to assemble a professionally written contract that gives you legal protection and the assurances that you’ll be paid.

Learn how to Start your Own Office Cleaning Business

Get all the marketing letters and documents you need in one office cleaning business startup kit

Thankfully, the difficult part of getting clients and agreeing contracts has all been taken care of for you. Sam Rodman is the owner of Edison Office Cleaning, a business he started from scratch over 20 years ago with just a vacuum and a spray bottle. He now earns $54,000 a year in commercial cleaning working part time.

Rodman once helped an unemployed friend of his to launch an office cleaning business, which they grew to an annual salary of $400,000 in just three years. He has now collected together all the information he supplied to his friend in an Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit. It contains everything you need to know on how to start an office cleaning business from scratch and how to grow it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit includes professionally written and proven sales letters for pitching to businesses. You get the introductory letter to make businesses aware of your services, along with two follow-up letters. This means that rather than spend a fortune on leafleting or advertising in the local paper, all you need to do is send the series of sales letters to businesses in your area to generate leads and inquiries.

What’s more, the Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit also includes a cost generator for calculating how much to charge per job. Most importantly, it also includes a professional service agreement for arranging service contracts with businesses, which has been revised and proven to be effective for over 15 years.

Along with all the professional documents you require to promote your business and agree contracts, Rodman also provides information on how to run an office cleaning business based on over two decades of experience. This includes how to get started on little or no money, how to finish each job quicker and to maximize your earning potential. In fact, it covers everything you’d receive from a franchised cleaning services company but without having to pay $1000s or a percentage of your profits each month in return.

So if you’re considering joining the many millionaires who built their fortunes in the lucrative world of office cleaning, why not check out Sam Rodman’s Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit. It provides you with all the documents you need for securing clients and how to grow from a home based business into a multi-million enterprise.

>>>Get the Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit

Disclaimer – the links in this article to Sam Rodman’s Office Cleaning Business Kit are affiliate links. However, Rodman will buy the kit back from you if you haven’t started making a profit within 60 days. So why not check it out to see if this is the right startup business opportunity for you. If not, you can just ask for a refund.

Work from No Home Review – A Millionaire’s Training for Less than $30?

There’s no shortage of online scams  courses that claim to show you how to make $100s or even $1000s from the luxury of your home for very little work. They talk about ‘push button’ solutions that enables you to make money on autodrive while you sleep. If only life were so easy, we’d all be millionaires by now.

The fact is that, just like any job, making money online takes determination, perseverance and a heck of a lot of hard work. If you’ve arrived here looking for a get rich scheme, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, it is certainly possible to make money working from home. And a lot of it, if you’re prepared to put the hours in.

What is Work from No Home?

Work from No Home is an online marketing course that claims to show you how to make $12,000 a month with just a laptop, an internet connection and minimal setup costs. Does it work? Well, it certainly comes from two internet entrepreneurs with good pedigree.

The course is endorsed by John Chow – a guy who earns a million a year from his blog and is a big cheese in internet marketing circles. The brains and creator of Work from No Home is Peng Joon – a young man from Malaysia who has amassed a millionaire’s income working from home online over the last eight years.

Joon first started making money online by creating guides for video games, like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. But his main source of income over the years has been setting up websites and then making money from affiliate sales. In Work from No Home he shows you how he does it.

What’s covered in Work from No Home?

The course shows you how to setup websites relating to a particular niche (such as dog training or weight loss) and then earning commission through recommending other people’s products. It comprises of seven modules which cover everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. This includes the basics, such as buying a domain and setting up a website, to advice on how to find profitable products to promote and then how to drive visitors to your website from the search engines a.k.a. SEO.

Everything is explained to you, step by step, and you also get a 30 day action plan blueprint which outlines exactly what to do to get your websites setup and making money. One of the big compliments the course has been receiving is that its advice on driving traffic to your website(s) is bang up to date; It takes into consideration the latest changes to Google’s algorithm, namely its ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ updates, so you dont need to worry about using dated strategies that stopped working years ago.

Joon also provides real life examples of his strategy in action to prove it works and to give you an idea of the money you could be making online.


Work from No Home essentially pulls together all the information it would take you weeks, or even months, to collate together yourself. Comprising of videos, screenshots and detailed instructions, everything is covered from start to finish. When I think about the amount of time I’ve invested in the last year trying to make sense of the best ways of setting up affiliate websites, $37 seems like an excellent investment and means you can be making money quicker.

What’s more, Work from No Home comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This is double the amount of time it should take you to start making money working from home. So if you don’t make any profit, ask for your money back.

As mentioned, this isn’t a get rich scheme. It takes perseverance and hard work. But if you’re serious about earning an extra income working on the net or want to replace your day job altogether, then Work from No Home shows you how it can be done.

Another option is the Bring the Fresh marketing course, which I discuss in this post.

Disclaimer – remoteonlineworkfromhome.com is essentially an affiliate marketing website, just like those taught in the Work from No Home course. This means I make commission on any sales made when people click through to the advertiser’s page. This applies to the links in this article. If you’d prefer, this is a commission free link to the Work from No Home site:  http://www.workfromnohome.com

How to Start a Profitable Drop Shipping Business from Home and the Risks to Avoid

start a drop shipping business
In this post I discuss how to start a drop shipping business from home, including what scams and pitfalls to avoid and how to give yourself the best chance of being profitable.

If you’ve recently lost your job or looking to earn an income with a home based business on the internet, starting a drop shipping business sounds like a dream come true. You have low startup costs, unlimited earning potential and no need to stock or handle inventory. All you need is an ecommerce website, add some products and watch the money roll in, right?

But as the saying goes ‘if it sounds too good to be true it probably is’. Earning $100s or $1000s a week through a drop shipping business model is possible. But there are a lot of hoops to jump through and pitfalls to avoid.

Drop shipping works like this:

1. You find stock to sell (newbies will typically just Google ‘wholesale dropshipping’ and take what’s on offer).
2. You sell the product online, either through your own website or a third party site, like eBay or Amazon.
3. You forward the order to drop shipper.
4. The drop ship company completes the order and ships it to your customer.
5. You keep the profit

Sounds easy. But if it was the simple everyone would be doing it. There are a few problems that can get in the way:

1) Wasting time on money on saturated products and bogus wholesalers – the internet is now awash with websites posing as wholesalers when all they are is middlemen. These middlemen will claim to be offering wholesale prices when in fact the goods they are offering are available elsewhere for less, making it almost impossible to sell them yourself for a profit. These middlemen are normally who’ll appear when doing a basic Google search for wholesalers, and buying from them is a common newbie mistake.

2) No differentiation from Amazon or eBay – It is going to be impossible to compete with Amazon or eBay on price. Instead you have to find a way to differentiate your website so that it gives people a reason to buy from you rather than hunt for cheaper prices elsewhere. This means creating a website that offers added value to buyers. This could include advice on how to use the product, buyers guides, how to videos or a membership section. To be successful in dropshipping you need to go beyond simply putting up an out of the box e-commerce website and hope for the best. You have to go that extra yard to attract buyers and keep them on your website.

3) Inventory of a dropshipper gets sold out after a customer has placed an order – Even once you’ve been able to get people onto your website and buying, you can face the disaster of customers placing orders and paying money only for dropshippers to run out of inventory. This can happen when sourcing from dropshippers who don’t stock enough inventory or you haven’t managed your ordering system properly.

4) Unable to make a profit – While it is possible to earn $1000s every week running a dropshipping business from home, profit margins can be razor thin. You have to ensure you’re selling products there’s a market for and not selling in markets that are saturated or dominated by the big retailers with massive buying power. What’s more, if you decide to stock products on Amazon or eBay you will have to hand over a healthy slice of profits along with PayPal fees and postage costs (which your competitors might be offering for free). You have to get your sums right otherwise you could be struggling to make a profit from day one.

How to start your own drop shipping business and avoid third party listing fees

Possibly the best way of making a decent income running a work from home drop shipping business is to setup a website through which people order directly. This avoids eBay’s listing fees and means you can automate much of the process. The drawback is you first have to setup a website and then attract traffic through the search engines, which takes time.

Getting a high ranking in the search engines so customers can find you takes hard work, perseverance and a fair amount of internet marketing know-how. So all in all, work from home drop shipping businesses aren’t a scam, but it takes a lot of hard work to earn the $100s or $1,000s you might be hoping for.

dropping shipping pro

Learn from a dropshipper with 10 years experience

As you can see, there are many challenges and pitfalls to launching a successful drop shipping business. In fact, the majority of ecommerce websites fail to make a profit because of the challenges of avoiding middlemen posing as wholesalers, sourcing products people are buying at the right price and then attracting people to your website, or eBay/Amazon listing, to make enough sales.

When launching a home based business working on the internet with so many pitfalls to avoid, I find the best strategy is to learn from someone that’s already done it successfully. Christine Clayfield has been running a dropshipping business for over 10 years, going from a struggling ecommerce website owner to a dropshipping juggernaut making over $10k per month.

She’s created a guide on how to build a business like hers called Drop Shipping Pro. It includes step by step tutorials, an easy to follow business plan and software for setting up your own ecommerce drop shipping website. Some of the information it provides includes a list of 300 reputable and legitimate drop shipping suppliers (so you can avoid bogus middlemen), guidance on how to avoid running out of stock, where to list and sell your products and the secrets to being successful on Amazon and eBay.

Drop Shipping 4 Idiots enables you to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes newbie dropshippers make, which can cost huge amounts of time and money. Instead you can fast track your route to success and get a dropshipping business up and running successfully for less than $50. What’s more, the guide is sold with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can give it a try and if it’s not for you then you can ask for your money back and look for a more appropriate home based business opportunity elsewhere.

>>>More info on Drop Shipping 4 Idiots training program

Disclaimer – The links in this article to Drop Shipping 4 Idiots are affiliate links. However, I wouldn’t recommend the guide unless it had received positive feedback and can help you to avoid the mistakes made by the majority of people when starting out in dropshipping. If you can imagine how much an hour of Allan Morgan’s time would cost, less than $50 is a bargain to get his expert advice on becoming a successful and profitable drop shipper.

How to Work from Home Selling Your Photography Online

work from home selling photographs

The best online work from home businesses are always those you already have a passion for.

So if you have a passion for photography then it makes sense to find a way you can work on the internet selling your pictures. But as always, earning a substantial income from selling photography online can take a lot of hard work and determination.

Work from home option 1 – Stock photo websites

On stock photo websites like iStockphoto, StockXpert, Fotolia and Shutterstock you can upload your photos and earn a commission for every sale.

Sounds like the perfect solution, right?

The only problem is that the commission you can earn is depressingly low – maybe only a few cents rather than the dollars you might be hoping for.

Another problem with stock photo sites is that when you submit your photos you also lose control of your pictures. This means anybody can use them inappropriately or to promote products you don’t agree with. Unfortunately, when you register on the website and submit your photos any control you had gets signed away.

One alternative option is photographersdirect.com. This website pays higher commission and gives you much greater control over the price, purpose, how often photos are used, in which media etc. The only drawback is that it might not attract as much traffic and sales as the stock photo websites.

So you might want to trial both photographersdirect.com and the stock photo sites to see what income you can earn before quitting your day job to do online work from home selling your photos.

Work from home option 2 – Setup your own online photography website

Setting up your own website will give you full control over your photographs and potentially earn a much larger income.

Creating a photography website is the easy part. You can get a professional looking photography style website design from Themeforest for less than $40 which you can then customise with your own branding and content.

The tricky part is getting enough visitors. Tactics include promoting your website by posting photos onto Facebook and Twitter with a link back to your website. You could also post a few sample photos onto sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket, with links back to your main site.

You could also consider promoting your photos offline and referring people to your website to see your full portfolio. Consider attending local craft markets and fairs where you can hand out business cards to anybody that might be interested.

So to conclude, it is possible to run an online work from home business selling your photography. But it can take a while to spread links back to your website throughout the web and to attract enough buyers, so it’s sensible to keep your day job until the sales start rolling in.


6 Ways to Think Like a Successful Home Based Business Owner

success driven mindset of home based business

People who become successful entrepreneurs and home based business owners are a special breed. They tend to think differently than most. Firstly, they place a lot of confidence in their own decision making. They also assess problems objectively and have a knack of finding the best solution based on facts, rather than opinions or emotions. If this way of thinking isn’t something that comes natural to you then it is possible to rewire your brain to adopt a success driven entrepreneurial mindset with practice and dedication.

Here are 6 ways that you can improve your mental processes that will help you when working remote from home to be more successful:

  1. Challenges are opportunities

Entrepreneurs are often bombarded with unpredictable challenges. Managing these challenges successfully is what defines whether as entrepreneur is going to be successful. Treat every challenge as an opportunity to grow by trying new approaches and strategies.

Many challenges act as a catalyst that will unlock unexpected opportunities. However, a wise entrepreneur will also anticipate changes, roadblocks and accept the degree of risks that can only happen by overcoming the fear of failure. They can then use challenges to their advantage.

  1. Consider competitors as research subjects

It’s a competitive world out there online. It’s a free market and everyone has the right to try running their own online business. Instead of stressing out and viewing them as a threat, why not study what your competition is doing to makes their business successful and what mistakes they are making you can avoid.

Even the world’s greatest athletes, businessmen and the multi-million dollar billionaires in Silicon Valley all look up to their competitors either to take inspiration or to study their routine and strategies. So no matter what kind of business you are in, you can always learn from your competitors.

  1. Perfection is the enemy of progress

Being a perfectionist might seem like the right attitude to have, but take it too far and it can hold back your home based business. In business being able to make a decision under time constraints is crucial. But if you are a perfectionist it can take you longer to decide and you may waste too much time on decision making rather than completing a single task. Perfectionists are typically detail oriented and  can end up spending more on tasks or making decisions than necessary, not realizing that they are missing out on important opportunities.

Perfectionists also have a hard time admitting that they needed help. They always want to show people that they have all the answers. But in business it is not about having all the answers but being able to make effective ones quickly.

  1. Everything requires effort

Anyone can launch a home based business, but few are resilient enough to handle the pressure and the demands that come with it. A lot of young entrepreneurs leave their jobs and nice offices to start an online business working remotely and find out later that they are working more hours but making only half of the salary that they used to make. While being able to follow your passion in life is fulfilling and rewarding, those benefits can come a long way down the line.

You need to be aware that everything requires an effort, and success doesn’t come overnight. You will never find the gold pot at the end of the rainbow unless you make it through the storm. Stop looking for shortcuts and put enough effort on every opportunity that will come along.

  1. Mistakes are healthy

We are raised to view mistakes as bad or wrong. We go to school and are taught that a mistake is the worst thing we can make. But without mistakes we can never learn. Making a mistake is the best education every child could ever have. Everyone is not born perfect, not a single person is born and instantly play a guitar or a flute without practicing. They gradually learn by making a lot of mistakes, and it is healthy and normal.

So when launching a home based business, challenge yourself to move out from your comfort zone and accept that you will make mistakes along the way. Embrace it. Don’t be ashamed that people will laugh at you or think that you are stupid. Take risks and learn from your mistakes.

  1. There is no magic

Most successful home based business owners are dreamers. In business, entrepreneurs encourage their people to think, day dream, imagine and create. However, you also need to focus on what you need to do to make these dreams a reality. Do not wait for a miracle to happen. A great idea is futile if you don’t know how to convey it to your peers and make the necessary effort to bring it to fruition.

5 Ways to Boost your Energy at Your Desk when Working from Home


It seems like everyone these days dreams of becoming entrepreneur and launch a home based business on the internet. But before you dream of being the next Sir Richard Branson or Bill Gates, there are some hard truths to face. The fact is that running your own business at home means doing all the paperwork, the accounting, researching tactics for being successful and promoting whatever it is you have to sell. That is, of course, until you can start outsourcing to VAs to do it for you. But in the early days, there are going to be lots of long hours sat in your office chair. This is why it’s vital to make sure you can keep your energy levels up with some exercises that can get the blood flowing and boost your creativity.

Here are a few tips for turning your home based workstation into a workout station

1. Stretch  

Taking a break every hour can be beneficial to your posture. Mostly because you are sat in your office chair for a prolonged number of hours and your shoulders will start to slouch. So have a few stretches to help your back strengthen up. Just stretch your arms over your head with your fingers interlacing and start to roll your shoulders forward by 10 or 20 times and do the same thing backwards. Do this with plenty of deep, slow breathing.

2. Stand

Standing desks aren’t just for trendy Silicon Valley types. Try standing for 30 minutes or so with your laptop on top of a shelf or another higher level than your workstation. This is a great way to change your body’s posture and standing helps to keep your body aligned.

3. Roll

If your your heels feel stiff  then it could be due to the soft tissue in your feet that’s called fascia. You can take a small ball, like a baseball or tennis ball and try to keep it on your desk for sporadic use during working hours. You can put the ball on your feet and gently roll them under and around your foot to stretch out your ankles, using changing pressure to roll the ball forward and back to stretch out the soft tissue in your foot.

4. Lift

Lifting can strengthen the core muscles in your body. You don’t have to lift an enormous weight or do tons of reps. Just take a water bottle or any object which weights about three to five pounds. Lifting slowly and controlled with the right breathing can actually increase your mobility.

5. Squeeze

I have done a lot of typing due to the nature of my job and this used to strain the tendons of my fingers, make my wrist ache and make my thumb numb. I could have suffered from Carpal tunnel Syndrome if I haven’t treated them earlier.  So to avoid incidents like these, I started doing flexibility and strengthening exercises. Those tennis balls and stress balls can do wonders for you, just take a break and squeeze them gently and release to increase your hand and finger strength.

Just performing these exercises a few times a day will not only help you to feel more energised but can also give your brain a chance to refresh and feel more alert when it’s time to get back to building your online home based business.

How You Can Work on the Net as a Virtual Personal Assistant

work on the net as a virtual private assistant

There are 1000s of small businesses that need help with administrative tasks they don’t have time or the manpower to do themselves. Rather than hire a fulltime secretary, many are now choosing the convenience and cost savings of hiring a virtual personal assistant that can work on the net from home.

As well as only needing to pay them when they need a task doing, businesses also save on the cost of office space and equipment. So it’s a win win situation all round.

You can work from home and work for clients literally all over the world. This means that if you have the right skills and market yourself well then it’s possible to earn a substantial salary as a virtual personal assistant.

So what skills do you need?

You need to be able to multitask and able to handle the pressure of managing three or more clients at once. Clients will expect the same level of professionalism they’d get in the office, so you need to be punctual in responding to telephone calls and emails.

The task you could be asked to do could include typing letters, proof reading, scheduling appointments, research and answering their helpline. And my advice is always to find ways to expand your services to make yourself more valuable to clients. So why not offer to look after website updates, create slideshow presentations, manage their Twitter and Facebook campaigns and to put together their email newsletter? Being able to work on the net means there are many tasks you can do for clients that weren’t possible (or didn’t exist) 20 years ago.

As with many work from home jobs, it’s a competitive market out there. So before you jump into searching through job listings and freelancer websites for work, consider getting a virtual assistant qualification and putting together a simple website to promote your services.

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