Online Branding a Must for Solopreneurs

Brand Concept Blackboard

To remain competitive in a slow market is quiet challenging with today’s economy. But if you know how to invest your time effectively and create a proper online presence then you can make a difference between landing an in-person interview or being left on the resume pile. Living proof of an effective online brand is Chris Abraham, a leading social media and digital marketing expert. His journey towards his dream job began with just a simple blog post. The post showcased Abraham’s skills, savvy and insight that in just a span of two weeks he was offered a job.

A good career brand depends on the job seeker’s sets of skills, experience and abilities. It’s a combination of your reputation as an employee combined with a promise of your potential and your impact on your future employers. Resume’s and Curriculum Vitae’s are the traditional job seeking methods that can define your career brand. But if we talk about online career brand then the most effective tools are through these:

  • LinkedIn profile- the moment you join in LinkedIn, you are given an opportunity to build connection with other members through the people that belongs in your network.
  • Social networking profiles/accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. – this is the easiest way to build your career brand. You can provide engaging information that can attract your followers.
  • Personal website – considered to be one of the best way to build and promote your career brand. Just like what Chris Abraham did.
  • Professional blog – It can showcase your expertise and knowledge in your profession or industry.

Everyone of us has a dream job. To be able to find a job that you enjoy doing and getting paid at the same time is almost impossible. But you can make it a reality if you work hard to achieve what you wanted.







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