Improve Remote Worker Productivity with Internet Employee Monitoring Software

track what internet employees are up to

The way we work is changing. No longer are employees chained to their desks but are now doing work on the internet remotely. Instead of being stuck in office cubicles, people are now working from their garden, in coffee shops and anywhere quiet with an internet connection.

While the benefits of doing remote work on the internet are obvious for employees. For employers the risks can seem to outweigh keeping employees happy. How can you be sure remote internet employees are working productively? What about the security risks of people working on the internet from home?

After all, in an office environment the threat of an employer looking over their shoulder is enough to keep most people focused on their jobs. But when the threat of being caught on Facebook or shopping on Amazon is removed, how can you ensure remote workers are doing what you pay them for?

Benefits of employee monitoring software

With employee monitoring software you can keep a virtual eye on what your remote workers are up to. Once installed on the remote worker’s PC, you can track every keystroke, file download, instant messenger chat and even see their screen at any time. The ability to see virtually what remote employees are up to, at any time, offers a range of benefits:

Enhanced productivity – When they know their activity is being tracked, employees doing work on the internet will be less likely to shirk off, wasting time reading the news or chatting with friends when they should be working.

Better performance – Internet employees will perform better when they know their activity is being tracked by employee monitoring software.

Better security – You’ll know exactly which files have been emailed or uploaded. If there is a security breach then you’ll be able to find the culprit quickly. Knowing they can be caught and their guilt proven with cast iron certainty should be enough to put any potentially disloyal employee from sharing your data.

Imonitor Employee Monitoring Software is an award-winning package that can track literally everything your employees doing work on the internet are up to. This includes keystrokes, website visits, online chats, emails and screenshots.

The professional edition also gives you one-click access to view everyone on your entire network in realtime – from one central location. So you always know what your remote internet employees are doing at any time and from wherever you are.

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