How You can Make Money Online Working from Home in Email Marketing

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If you’ve spent any time hunting around for ways of making money online, you might have stumbled upon some internet marketers generating serious profits. And I’m not kidding, many of them have become millionaires through promoting and selling products online, whether it’s products of their own or those created by other people.

So how do they do it? Well, they all have their own systems and ways of generating traffic to their websites, but what they nearly always have in common is that they generate a large chunk of their income through email. That’s right! Not Twitter, Facebook or some secret system known only to a chosen few, but the old warhorse of internet marketing ’email’.

Their system works like this:

  1. They create a website focused on a particular topic or niche
  2. They generate traffic to this website through a combination of SEO, paid for advertising, posting comments in relevant forums and, increasingly, through social media
  3. They give away something valuable for free on their website in exchange for an email address. This could be a free eBook,a  free video, a free training course or some other form of content that’s of interest to the visitor
  4. They then send promotional emails to their list of recipients, which can include links to useful websites and product recommendations
  5. They then generate commission through sales of the products they promote

Even if only a small portion of email subscribers buy the promoted product the internet marketer is able to generate income through the simple process of sending an email. In fact, it’s estimated that every subscriber equates to $1 of revenue per month, so if you’re able to generate a list of 1000 subscribers then your estimated earnings will be $1000 per month.

Sounds easy! Why isn’t everyone doing it?

It’s true, email marketing sounds simple that anyone can do it. These days it’s fairly straightforward to setup a website and then monetise it through email marketing. But the fact is that there are a lot of skills you need to do it effectively in order for your email campaigns to be profitable. First of all you need to know how identify a profitable market, how to setup a website, how to drive traffic to it, how to write emails people find interesting, how to capture people’s email addresses on your website and how to find products to promote. As you can see, there’s a lot to learn and a lot of things you could get wrong that prevent the majority of people being successful.

Avoid the pitfalls with an internet marketing training course

That’s why it’s wise to signup for a course that shows you how it’s done, so you can avoid the pitfalls and be on your way to generating an online income quickly.

I’ve previously reviewed two such internet marketing programs: Bring the Fresh and Work from No Home. Another course worth investigating, that’s focused on email marketing, is the Dot Com Secrets program. One of the big benefits of this email marketing training program is that you can get started for just $1.

For the first thirty days you’re emailed a video each day explaining a specific task to complete, which should take no longer than 30 minutes to do. This could include how to setup your email capture form, how to get traffic and choosing an offer to promote. What’s more, the course provides you with multiple ‘squeeze pages’ for capturing email addresses, advice on where to source offers and where to buy cheap advertising for your website.

In fact, the Dot Com Secrets program tells you everything you need to know, step by step, on how to make money online through email marketing. The only catch is that after the first 30 days you’ll then be charged $97 for access to the full program. So if you’re not generating any money before the 30 days are up it’s wise to cancel your subscription and look elsewhere for ways of making money working from home on the internet.

There have never been so many opportunities to start a new business with the internet, a strategy and the right attitude. On this website I cover great new ideas for businesses with low startup costs and high potential earnings. This includes offline businesses, like roof power washing or starting a fruit juice business, along with affiliate marketing and other online opportunities. If there is a business you'd like me to investigate, feel free to get in touch.


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