How to work at home with kids

working from home with kids

Working from home and baby sitting your toddlers at the same time is just impossible for some. But every difficult situation has got its own formula. Although it varies to the needs of your children. If both parents are working at home you could devise a plan to balance your professional from your personal needs. Determine what strategies are going to work and what isn’t. Given that you are on a tight budget and hiring a nanny is out of question.  A better strategy would be to take turns on the errands, household chores and the baby sitting. Let them watch some educational materials on TV or you can get them a tablet and buy educational apps for toddlers. It would occupy their mind momentarily and you can continue on your work without a distraction.

I have been working online for almost 3 years now and I am having a blast at first. Along came my baby boy and I started falling apart. A newborn baby is quiet easy to babysit because they will just sleep and sleep for 16-18 hours a day. But when he was already 1 year old. He doesn’t sleep that much and becomes unmanageable. I can’t concentrate on my work most of the time because he keeps on barging into my room and wants to sit on my lap and types  on my keyboard. I always keep my door open for him so that I could easily look out what he is doing at the living room. My strategy was, to let him watch Disney jr. or Nickledeon. But after a few hours he became uninterested and wants my attention. What makes it worse is that his motorskills are now developing and he just climb anything he sees climbable. Like on top of the table or swing himself onto the bar stools. I get a heart attack every time he pulls stunts like that.

Toddlers needs full attention and its hard if you are a single mom. But I think the one thing that helped me get through this is the support of my family. If you can manage to live somewhere near your relatives then it’s a big help. Another thing my 1 year old is fond of are nursery rhymes. He can sing and dance with these videos for hours. Also, try to get the chance to work while your toddler is sleeping. It works out well for me for the past 15 months.


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