How to Start a Roof Cleaning Business and Build Your Own Power Washer

How to start a roof cleaning business

In this post I discuss how to launch a roof cleaning business.

To start a roof cleaning business you don’t need to spend much on equipment and the profits can be big. You can, in fact, charge up to $1,500 to clean someone’s roof – a job that takes less than a day to complete.

The potential income you can earn starting a roof cleaning business are potentially huge. But as always, the key to success is doing your research before you start clambering over people’s fragile roof tiles spraying chemicals and rinsing them off with a high-pressure hose.

Why do people need roof cleaning services?

You might question whether many people would want their roof cleaning at all? After all, who ever looks at their roof in between jumping in and out of their car? But there are a number of very good reasons why starting a roof cleaning business is an exceptionally viable proposition:

1)      Leaving algae, moss and limestone to spread can cause permanent damage

Rather than just an eyesore, algae, moss and limestone can dramatically reduce the lifespan of a roof by years unless they’re regularly cleaned off. These fungal pests feed on shingles, tiles and on the glue that holds them all together, leading to gradual loss and deterioration that will ultimately lead to the whole roof needing to be replaced. When you consider the average roof costs $15,000, paying out $1500 to have it cleaned makes obvious financial sense.

2)      A clean roof can raise the house price

You can spend a fortune on landscaping, cleaning the windows and on the home’s inner furnishings. But the cleanliness of the roof is always going to be one of the first and last things potential buyers will see that will shape their opinion. A clean roof, free from algae, moss and lichen, will raise people’s impressions and valuations of a property.

3)      Competing with the Jones’

Nobody wants to be the house on the street with the grotty algae stained roof, when all their neighbours’ roofs are clean and pristine. Clean one roof on the street and you can look forward to a snowball effect as everyone else signs up to avoid being the neighbour letting the street down.

4)      Add on services Along with roof cleaning, you could also offer to clean people’s drains and the exterior walls of their house. You won’t need much in the way of extra equipment and you can raise your profits while still being onsite.

Along with roof cleaning, you could also offer to clean people’s drains and the exterior walls of their house. You won’t need much in the way of extra equipment and you can raise your profits while still being onsite.

The best long-term businesses are ethical businesses

It’s worth noting that roof cleaners don’t always have the best of reputations. This is thanks to the cowboy behavior and attitude of some disreputable roof cleaners. Some will say they run a roof cleaning business as an excuse to inspect someone’s roof before informing them that the whole roof needs to be replaced.

This is a service they’ll happily provide for an inflated fee. The fact is that in most cases all that’s needed is thorough cleaning of algae, lichen and moss. And in this hyper-connected world we live in, where reputations can be built and destroyed on the internet, it pays to take an ethical approach that wins you recommendations and praise from customers, rather than a smash and grab attitude of trying to hoodwink people into paying for services they don’t really need to try and make a fast buck.

What equipment will you need to start a roof cleaning business?

One of the great things about starting a roof cleaning business is that your upfront costs are relatively low. All you need is a pressure washer, bleach and detergent and you’re good to go. The trick is ensuring you know the pitfalls of roof cleaning and have a USP that separates you from the competition.

The first step is to avoid the mistake made by many roof cleaning businesses (and home owners) of cleaning their roof with a hose with too much pressure. Roofs are flimsy and fragile and using a hose at a pressure designed for cleaning chewing gum off the pavement (1500 psi or greater) is likely to do more damage than good. Instead, roofs should always be cleaned with a chemical cleaning system and then spray cleaned at a pressure that’s higher than a garden hose but lower than that of a conventional high pressure hose.

Creating a USP when starting a roof cleaning business

John White of Allclean Professional External Cleaning Contractors created a roof cleaning business that was generating $120,000 by its third year, putting his salary way above many of his former classmates with college educations and high powered careers in the corporate world. He was able to generate this income through being able to offer something his competitors didn’t – the ability to clean roofs without a high pressure hose.

White achieved this advantage for his roof cleaning business through his experience in the air conditioning and heating business. He used this knowledge to build his own custom designed pressure hose. What’s more, the rig he designed is able to clean roofs in less time and with half the chemicals of a conventional roof cleaning rig. This means he’s able to earn more money per hour while spending less on supplies, helping him to earn bigger profits than his rivals.

low pressure roof cleaning rig

Get a step by step guide on how to build a low pressure roof cleaning machine

You can get a step by step guide on how to build a low pressure roof cleaning rig like White’s on his website. What’s more, you can find out which chemicals you’ll need and where to purchase them. He also explains how to make a ‘Roof Gitter’ for cleaning steep pitched roofs which aren’t safe to walk on and are difficult to clean using conventional methods.

The roof cleaning business is a relatively untapped market where you can charge high fees for a service with exceptionally low running costs and a huge potential market of customers. White’s guide to creating a low pressure cleaning rig for giving your roof cleaning business the edge over the competition is also sold with a two-month money back guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied with the information, and it doesn’t propel you towards earning a comfortable living cleaning roofs, then you can ask for your money back.

>>>Click here to check out John’s guide to starting a successful roof cleaning business

Disclaimer – the link in this article to John White’s eBook is an affiliate link. But when you consider that his eBook can save you 100s of hours of your own research and give your roof cleaning business the edge over your rivals, I think it’s worth checking out.

There have never been so many opportunities to start a new business with the internet, a strategy and the right attitude. On this website I cover great new ideas for businesses with low startup costs and high potential earnings. This includes offline businesses, like roof power washing or starting a fruit juice business, along with affiliate marketing and other online opportunities. If there is a business you'd like me to investigate, feel free to get in touch.


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