How to Start a Multi-Million Dollar Office Cleaning Business from Scratch

how to start an office cleaning business

In this post I discuss how to start an office cleaning business with low startup costs and high potential profits.

Starting a business working from home and turning it into a multi-million dollar enterprise can seem like a pipe dream. The perception is that you have to be very lucky in life or inherit a fortune for it to be possible. But the fact is that creating a million dollar business from scratch is perfectly possible; one way many people have built million dollar enterprises is by starting a commercial office cleaning business.

Whatever’s happening in the economy, the fact is that offices and commercial buildings need to be cleaned. What’s more, they need to be cleaned regularly – and there are a lot of them. This makes an office cleaning business recession proof and one of the most lucrative service businesses out there. The US Department of Labour has reported that office cleaning businesses provide more jobs than any other area of employment, while in the UK office cleaning enterprises provide jobs for nearly 1 in 60 people and the industry is worth $15bn to the UK economy.

So the figures speaking for themselves – starting an office cleaning business from home offers enormous potential for those with an entrepreneurial spirit that don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and, literally, getting their hands dirty.

Benefits of starting an office cleaning business

There are many reasons why starting an office cleaning business could be a real money maker:

Minimal startup costs – To get started, all you need is a hoover, a bucket and some cloths and detergents. The only upgrade you’d need to consider is printing some uniforms with your logo and getting a larger van.

Office cleaning businesses can earn $1000s per week – To give you some ballpark figures, an insurance company will pay $1995 per month, a car dealership $848 every two weeks and a doctor’s office $309 every two weeks. So your potential earnings jump dramatically with each new client.

You can run your commercial cleaning enterprise part time – Office cleaning normally takes place outside of normal office hours. This means you have the daytime to continue with your normal job and can then earn an extra income cleaning offices for a few hours each evening.

Office cleaning businesses are paid for on contract basis – Unlike residential cleaning jobs, which pay hourly, commercial businesses will want to agree a contract and a set rate for cleaning their premises each evening. This means that you earn a guaranteed income each month, for as long as the contract lasts, and the quicker you can complete jobs the higher your earning potential rises.

Your overheads are near non-existent – Without rent to pay or running costs, you can run your office cleaning business on a shoestring. You can also grow or reduce your staff numbers to suit demands and the number of contracts you have.

No training required – Office cleaning might not be the most cerebrally stimulating of occupations, but the advantage of this is you don’t need any special training or qualifications to get started. All you need to be is a perfectionist, a hard worker and to have the entrepreneurial drive to find clients, agree contracts and make your office cleaning business a success.

The steps to take to start an office cleaning business

There are two ways of launching a business cleaning offices and other commercial buildings:

1)      Join a franchise – Popular office cleaning franchises will do all the marketing and advertising for you. So you don’t need to worry about finding clients. All you need to do is turn up to complete the job. The advantage is you have a ready-to-run office cleaning business you can jump straight into. The drawback is you have to pay a large upfront fee to join the franchise and you might also have to pay a monthly fee, taking a large chunk out of your profits

2)      Start your own office cleaning business – If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then the risks and rewards of starting your own commercial cleaning business will sound more appealing. You will have to do all your own marketing to find clients, along with take on the responsibility of hiring staff, managing contracts and growing your business. The upside is that you have more freedom to grow your business and the earning potential is huge.

As you might have gathered, the toughest part of starting an office cleaning business is going to be finding clients and agreeing contracts. This can be a complicated and intimidating process when getting started. Rather simply knock door to door, as you would with a home cleaning business, you need to know how to approach businesses, how to price your services and how to assemble a professionally written contract that gives you legal protection and the assurances that you’ll be paid.

Learn how to Start your Own Office Cleaning Business

Get all the marketing letters and documents you need in one office cleaning business startup kit

Thankfully, the difficult part of getting clients and agreeing contracts has all been taken care of for you. Sam Rodman is the owner of Edison Office Cleaning, a business he started from scratch over 20 years ago with just a vacuum and a spray bottle. He now earns $54,000 a year in commercial cleaning working part time.

Rodman once helped an unemployed friend of his to launch an office cleaning business, which they grew to an annual salary of $400,000 in just three years. He has now collected together all the information he supplied to his friend in an Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit. It contains everything you need to know on how to start an office cleaning business from scratch and how to grow it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit includes professionally written and proven sales letters for pitching to businesses. You get the introductory letter to make businesses aware of your services, along with two follow-up letters. This means that rather than spend a fortune on leafleting or advertising in the local paper, all you need to do is send the series of sales letters to businesses in your area to generate leads and inquiries.

What’s more, the Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit also includes a cost generator for calculating how much to charge per job. Most importantly, it also includes a professional service agreement for arranging service contracts with businesses, which has been revised and proven to be effective for over 15 years.

Along with all the professional documents you require to promote your business and agree contracts, Rodman also provides information on how to run an office cleaning business based on over two decades of experience. This includes how to get started on little or no money, how to finish each job quicker and to maximize your earning potential. In fact, it covers everything you’d receive from a franchised cleaning services company but without having to pay $1000s or a percentage of your profits each month in return.

So if you’re considering joining the many millionaires who built their fortunes in the lucrative world of office cleaning, why not check out Sam Rodman’s Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit. It provides you with all the documents you need for securing clients and how to grow from a home based business into a multi-million enterprise.

>>>Get the Office Cleaning Business Startup Kit

Disclaimer – the links in this article to Sam Rodman’s Office Cleaning Business Kit are affiliate links. However, Rodman will buy the kit back from you if you haven’t started making a profit within 60 days. So why not check it out to see if this is the right startup business opportunity for you. If not, you can just ask for a refund.

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