How Can I Start Doing General Transcription Work from Home?

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Do you have quick fingers? Can you hammer out mountains of words on the keyboard, quickly and accurately? If so, you might want to start a business doing general transcription work from home. You can choose when to work, for how many hours and gain all the lifestyle benefits of running a home-based business.

What’s more, for general transcription work, you don’t need any official qualifications. All you need to get started is a PC, an internet connection, a pair of headphones and a strong work ethic.

 Who needs transcription work?

A lot of people assume that transcription work means medical transcriptions. But these days all sorts of businesses are in need of people to convert audio files into written documents. This includes businesses that want meetings transcribed, internet marketers to transcribe webinars, podcasters to create accompanying transcripts, insurance companies and more. In fact, the market for people wishing to do transcription work from home is huge.

What’s more, in the general transcription field you don’t need to understand medical or legal terminology to get started. All you need is a quick typing speed (which you can learn to improve, if it isn’t quick enough already) and a willingness to work hard for your clients.

How can I launch a home-based transcription business?

As mentioned, you don’t need any official qualifications or special equipment to get started. So you can launch a home based business providing transcription services almost immediately. But the catch, as always when launching a new enterprise, is going to be finding clients that can provide you with regular work and avoid the risks that can sink your business.

A quick search on Google will reveal a number of freelance bidding websites and transcription agencies that hire audio transcribers working from home. While they advertise plenty of jobs, the problem is that you’re going to be competing with 100s of other transcribers from across the country, and maybe even abroad. So your job proposals and marketing will need to be top notch if you want to get picked.

What’s more, simply mail bombing your resume to as many agencies and transcribing job websites you can find isn’t going to cut it. You also need to know how to pitch for work, how to provide a contract that protects you from unscrupulous employers and how much to charge.

General transcription work from home

Give your transcription business a running start

Leva Duell is a transcribing veteran, having run her transcription business from home for over 15 years. She’s more than aware of the pitfalls to avoid and how to cope with the challenges that can force many aspiring transcribers to give up before they’ve even finished their first paying gig.

Thankfully, she’s collected together all her knowledge into her ‘General Transcription Business in a Box’.

This start-up kit provides all the information, marketing material and documents you need to get your home based transcription business off and running.

Her transcription business starter kit includes:

  • An insider step-by-step guide to getting started
  • Samples of verbatim, edited and intelligent verbatim transcription work
  • A guide on how to transcribe quickly and accurately, including all the tricks and time-saving tactics gained over a 15 year career in transcribing
  • Promotional materials to send to agencies and employers, including prewritten promotional letters, promotional postcards and business cards
  • Information on how to get high-quality transcription software for free (and legally!)
  • Little known secrets for getting clients
  • A client agreement and contractor agreement to gain legal protection
  • How to estimate projects and how to get pricing right, where you get a fair rate and you don’t scare off the client
  • How to apply for transcription jobs even when you don’t have any experience
  • How to generate repeat business and referrals once you’ve found clients
  • How to increase your typing speed, and consequently your income

So as you can see, everything you need to know is covered in Leva Duell’s step-by-step course on starting a transcription business from home. The information it provides will ensure that you avoid the risks when just getting started, such as knowing what to charge, submitting a legally protective contract and the marketing material you’ll need to acquire clients.

What’s more, the business startup kit is supplied with a two-month guarantee. So if you find it doesn’t help you to launch a profitable transcription business from home then you can simply ask for your money back and look for home based job opportunities elsewhere.

>>>Get Leva Duell’s Transcription Business in a Box

Disclaimer – the links in this article to Leva Duelll’s ‘General Transcription Business in a Box’ are affiliate links. However, on the site you can signup for a free weekly newsletter which tells you how to avoid transcription job scams and provides advice on how to start and run your business. So her site’s worth checking out for the newsletter alone if doing transcription work from home interest you.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I purchases Leva Duell’s course for getting started in transcription a few years ago. It’s been a while since I read it but can say that the course guided me how to get started doing transcription work online and motivated me to do this work. It made me realize that I actually could make extra money transcription work online.

    Have done general transcription work online for well over two years now. I haven’t done any though in the last few months because I was very busy with my “day job” and then hurt my back, making it difficult to spend long hours at my computer. I have done general transcription online contracting for a couple of transcription companies as well as freelance transcription work on

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.



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