Flexible Home Based Working can Boost UK’s Economy


Jo Swinson, the Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs, has announced a new flexible hours rule which will enable millions of employees in the UK to enjoy flexible hours and be ablee to work online from the comfort of their own homes. Swinson reiterated that employees will be happier and more motivated if they can work from home during hours that are more convenient for them.

It’s believed the added benefit of happy and productive employees is that it could boost UK’s economy.  As of the first quarter of the year, there are already 10 million employees who enjoyed the opportunity of working on flexible hours but the privilege was only limited to parents and those who have other caring duties at home.

The flexible working law, I think, is practical and timely. Considering the technological advantage of what we have today to be able to communicate better remotely and the efficiently it can benefit both employers and the workforce.  The new rules involve compressed hours, where individuals do five days’ work from home in four staggered hours to avoid the stress of rush hour, or working from home.  Although many employers fear that working remotely can lessen group collaboration and question their employee’s productivity. But businesses should start trusting their employees and create strategies to motivate home based workers. There are a lot of technological tools today that can help employers keep track of their workers.

Productivity Apps, employee monitoring, Cloud-Based Sharing Tools and Time Management Apps are the top 3 Apps that every remote employer should have to ensure the productivity and to boost their employee’s motivation. Productivity software allows businesses to set goals and keep track the progress of a certain project. Cloud-based sharing tools includes Google Drive and Dropbox which make it easier to share documents within your team, keep track and review project progress over time. These kind of sharing tools encourages collaboration among team members within a group to which the project is assigned. Time management Apps, tracks how remote workers are spending their working hours, employers can take advantage of this app to give motivation to their employees who have low efficiency ratings.


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