6 Habits that Can Help Succeed in Running a Home Based Business

home based business success mindset
When you hear about the latest start-up millionaire or home based business success story, do you question why are others more successful than I am? Did they just get lucky, or were given money by rich parents?

Success in life comes from having goals, defining what success means to you and then working hard to achieve them. It’s particularly important to have some defined goals if you work from home so you can motivate yourself to keep making progress every day, what ever type of home based business you’re pursuing. As Earl Nightingale said “Success is the progression of a worthy ideal”. Whether your goal is to be fit and healthy, achieve financial independence or to have a long and lasting relationship, nothing gets handed to your on a plate.

The truth is there is no secret recipe to being successful. But the right daily habits can go a long way. According to an oft quoted stat – 95% of everything that you think, feel, do and achieve is the result of habit. Successful people have “success habits” and unsuccessful people do not.

Successful people accomplish ten and twenty times as much as average people who have not yet learned these habits and practice them daily. But the good thing about habits is that all habits can be learned. Here are the topmost things that most successful people do every day.

  1. Keep your eye on the prize

Stay focused on your goal and do not get distracted by any unimportant details. A lot of many undesirable things and challenges will come your way, so you should anticipate these things and don’t let them confuse you in any way. Device a plan on how to achieve your goals and devise a fall back plan, if in case plan A doesn’t push through.

  1. Learn How to Say No

Saying “No” means setting your boundaries so you focus on what is important. It can be difficult to say no  if you want to be liked and be seen as a team player. But saying yes might be counterproductive and add more things to your plate, reducing your time to pursue opportunities that can advance your home based business.

  1. Keep a Daily Plan of Attack to

Having everything laid out and planned on what you want to achieve each day keeps you away from distractions. It will help you focus more on your goals. This will help you learn to manage your time better to do the really important things when working from home and setting yourself small rewards from getting specific tasks done.

  1. Welcome Criticism

Keep an open mind on any criticisms that you get. Constructive criticism is a good way to assess yourself and evaluate what needs to be done in order to improve your home based business or freelance services. Although negative criticisms can be painful to hear, listening to what people have to say can help you to address your weaknesses and identify where improvements need to be made. Soliciting feedback from friends, family and clients is a good way to measure yourself and whether your ideas stand up to scrutiny.

  1. Trust your instincts

That little voice in your head is your gut feeling talking to you and telling you to follow your instincts. But it doesn’t mean that you have to follow your gut feeling all the time when the advice you’re giving yourself sounds illogical. But when you already have some previous experience and are caught in a similar situation then maybe you should listen to your instincts first.  People who over analyze things often end up making bad decisions because they didn’t learn to trust their instincts.

  1. Take Risks

Starting a home based business working from home is always a risk. But most successful people get to where they are from taking calculated risks. Learn to take a plunge on something that’s unfamiliar. If the result is unfavorable for you, simply learn from it and keep moving forward. Remember that great success stories and big dreams are not realized by playing it safe, and the only thing that sat on its way to achieving success was a chicken.


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