5 Ways to Boost your Energy at Your Desk when Working from Home


It seems like everyone these days dreams of becoming entrepreneur and launch a home based business on the internet. But before you dream of being the next Sir Richard Branson or Bill Gates, there are some hard truths to face. The fact is that running your own business at home means doing all the paperwork, the accounting, researching tactics for being successful and promoting whatever it is you have to sell. That is, of course, until you can start outsourcing to VAs to do it for you. But in the early days, there are going to be lots of long hours sat in your office chair. This is why it’s vital to make sure you can keep your energy levels up with some exercises that can get the blood flowing and boost your creativity.

Here are a few tips for turning your home based workstation into a workout station

1. Stretch  

Taking a break every hour can be beneficial to your posture. Mostly because you are sat in your office chair for a prolonged number of hours and your shoulders will start to slouch. So have a few stretches to help your back strengthen up. Just stretch your arms over your head with your fingers interlacing and start to roll your shoulders forward by 10 or 20 times and do the same thing backwards. Do this with plenty of deep, slow breathing.

2. Stand

Standing desks aren’t just for trendy Silicon Valley types. Try standing for 30 minutes or so with your laptop on top of a shelf or another higher level than your workstation. This is a great way to change your body’s posture and standing helps to keep your body aligned.

3. Roll

If your your heels feel stiff  then it could be due to the soft tissue in your feet that’s called fascia. You can take a small ball, like a baseball or tennis ball and try to keep it on your desk for sporadic use during working hours. You can put the ball on your feet and gently roll them under and around your foot to stretch out your ankles, using changing pressure to roll the ball forward and back to stretch out the soft tissue in your foot.

4. Lift

Lifting can strengthen the core muscles in your body. You don’t have to lift an enormous weight or do tons of reps. Just take a water bottle or any object which weights about three to five pounds. Lifting slowly and controlled with the right breathing can actually increase your mobility.

5. Squeeze

I have done a lot of typing due to the nature of my job and this used to strain the tendons of my fingers, make my wrist ache and make my thumb numb. I could have suffered from Carpal tunnel Syndrome if I haven’t treated them earlier.  So to avoid incidents like these, I started doing flexibility and strengthening exercises. Those tennis balls and stress balls can do wonders for you, just take a break and squeeze them gently and release to increase your hand and finger strength.

Just performing these exercises a few times a day will not only help you to feel more energised but can also give your brain a chance to refresh and feel more alert when it’s time to get back to building your online home based business.


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