5 Tips for Introverts to Succeed at Work

Young business man sitting at office looking up and planning. Gr

The office environment can be  difficult place to navigate for introverts. When you are more inspired and productive in solitude and in quiet environments than dealing with other people all day can be very tiring. It is also more stressful when you have an extrovert boss and/or colleagues, which can make you feel like an outcast on company gatherings and meetings. It’s no wonder so many introverts are attracted to working from home and starting their own home based business that allows them to work to their strengths.

When you’re an introvert it’s easy to assume that you must conform to the extrovert standard in order to be successful. But there are actually a lot of famous celebrities, leaders, and CEOs who claim to be introverts. This includes Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Marissa Mayer.

So rather than treat introversion as a weakness, or masquerading as an extrovert, it’s better to build on the abilities it provides you with, According to Susan Cain, the author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”, rather than smothering their true personalities, introverts can learn to embrace their natural strengths and quiet gifts.

Here are easy to follow tips for introverts to shine at work.

  1. Embrace your thoughtful side

Introverts analyze a lot. They prefer to sit in the corner of the conference room and monopolize their thoughts before forming their own opinions. When they are asked to voice out their standpoint they can give a well balance perspective.

  1. Play to your strengths

Most introverts are creative because of their inclination to work in solitude and with a lot of focus, which aids their creative process. Writers and bloggers are mostly introverts and they excel in their crafts in a more secluded environment.

  1. Stay calm and carry on

Introverts are good at hiding their emotions. They are not easily swayed with office chaos, they maintain their composure even when at odds. Their co workers will perceived them as strong and dependable whenever unexpected situations arise.

  1. Honor your need for alone time

Introverts are likely to feel overwhelmed and ultimately burned out if he or she is dealing with constant environmental stimulants and digital distractions. Taking breaks often are one way to maintain their productivity and positive well-being at work.

  1. Build meaningful connections

Most introverts dread attending networking events and would rather stay at home and watch their favorite movie or read a good book. But sometimes we have to get out there and let people know that we exist and we are passionate about what we do. Comparing yourself to your extrovert co worker won’t do any good, so it’s better to focus your attention on making new and meaningful connections.

If you already work from home running a home based business then you are already in the perfect environment for working to your strengths as an introvert. If you’ve yet to make the jump from the corporate world, then consider how you can use these five attributes to your advantage and able to be successful in an extrovert’s world.