5 New Work from Home Ideas for Earning a Part of Full Time Income from Home

5 work from home jobs

Have you been unemployed for months? Then maybe looking for work from home ideas and jobs you can do online is worth investigating. You need to be careful though. There may be millions of success stories online who made it big with an online business that allowed them to work from home. But it takes more than basic computer skills and the willingness to learn new things to be successful. You’ve got to be prepared to work hard and be very determined.

After all, if making money online working from home was as easy as some with have us believe then everybody would be doing it.

The entire jobs market is moving towards a telecommuting future

Telecommuting is now widely practiced from around the globe. It is regarded as the future of work by many employment and industry experts. Why travel for hours every week from home to an office when you can perform the same work telecommuting or as a freelancer working from a home office of coffee shop. It’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with your coworkers and employers online, whether via phone, email, Skye or even social media.

Here are some of the online jobs that allow you to work from home and form work around your life, rather than the other way round.

  1. Consultant

If you have the passion and drive to excel in a certain field then you might be able to start a business working from home as a consultant. To become an online consultant, you can sign up with a third-party service or just make your own consulting website. While to begin with you may only earn $20 – $25 per hour, once you build up your knowledge and skills that amount can grow fast. Who knows. One day you could be like Mark Cuban, the serial entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who charges as much as $166 per minute!

  1. Life Coach

As an online Life Coach your role is to guide your clients to help them improve their relationships, reach their financial goals, work through transitions and find their ideal careers. But first and foremost you must determine if you’d make a good life coach. You must know how to communicate so that can people could look up to you for advice on variety of topics. You can offer your expertise to others who are looking for guidance in certain aspects of their lives.

  1. Podcast Editing

If you have some tech audio editing skills then maybe you can learn to edit a few podcast recordings. Your job will entail cleaning up audio interview files, removing background noise, assisting in identifying suitable royalty free music, providing audio consultation for future podcasts and uploading completed files to iTunes for distribution.

  1. Online Support Jobs

You’ll need to have great communication skill to handle support jobs, assisting customer’s with help support through email, chat and phone. All online companies these days need to provide support to their customers. At Weebly, for example, you will get paid to provide email replies and support to their customers. You can work part time for 20-25 hours per week for an average of $17 per hour.

  1. Web Development Jobs

If you’ve got programming and web design skills, you can work from home providing web development work. These jobs are not hard to find, but it can be difficult to get hired. Having a list of job resources at your fingertips will help you find more jobs to apply for, which can lead to more call backs and job offers.

These 5 online jobs should give you some ideas on ways you can earn a part time or full time income working from home. As always, make sure you watch out for scams – never paid money upfront for any kind of training and if an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But if you’re prepared to work hard and be persistent, being able to work from home looks set to be one of the dominant employment opportunities in the future.


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