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Discover the ‘three critical steps’ that will help you successfully launch your business in less time, leap frog the competition and prosper faster

Dear aspiring small business owner,

If you’re reading this, you may have decided that being stuck in a cubicle, dealing with corporate BS, or doing the same soul draining j.o.b., day after dreary day, isn’t how you wish to live the rest of your life.

Or maybe you’ve been trying to make money online already but without success.

In either case, I understand you.

It was little over ten years ago that I was sat in yet another job interview wondering if I could face spending my entire life working for someone else, wasting away in cubicle hell.

That was the day I decided something had to change. That was the day I decided that I had to find another way of making money that would enable me to feel happy, motivated and fulfilled.

What they don’t tell you about making money online

It took me years of wasting hundreds of dollars on various systems, ‘push button’ strategies and ‘weird tricks’ before I realized what I was doing wrong.

Believe me – It is possible to make money online. Thousands, if not millions, of people are now doing it.

They’re setting their own hours, doing jobs they love and growing profitable businesses without even leaving the house. Some may even actually be doing it in their pajamas too.

I doubt every few of them found success overnight. Even fewer from some magical ‘make money in your sleep’ system sold by an unscrupulous marketer.

If it was that easy, everybody would be ‘crushing it’ and making millions from blogs, Amazon sales and pyramid affiliate schemes.

Instead, what I discovered is that success online relies on:

1) Choosing the right business model

2) Having a strategy for developing that business

3) Having an entrepreneurial mindset

It’s simply not possible to achieve success without all three.

Three Vital Steps to Success

Attempt a business in a field you have no interest in, and you’ll struggle to get going from day one.

Try to get a business going without a strategy and you can waste days and weeks piecing together all the advice from blogs, forums and free reports. There’s a lot to learn, whatever business you decide to launch. Rarely is all the information you need in one place.

You also can’t achieve either of the above without the right mindset. Launching an online business is tough. Way tougher than many of the gurus will have you believe.

Your friends and family will think you’re crazy not following the traditional career path.


Staying the course when things aren’t working as you’d hoped and progress is slow demands an entrepreneur’s mindset.

It takes perseverance, determination and a single minded stubbornness to build a successful online business. Not luck or push button strategies.

Choosing the right business, having a strategy and an entrepreneurial mindset are prerequisites to success. But nobody tells you how to achieve them.

You have to work it all out on your own.

Guidance for Making Your Business a Success

I learned the hard way how important these three steps were in launching a business.

But now I’m pleased to say that I’ve been running an online marketing business for over ten years, helping clients all over the world and doing a job I enjoy.

It’s true when they say that ‘when your job is also your hobby, you’ll never work another day in  your life’.

I also know, from my own early year struggles, how much bad advice there is to wade through on how to start an online business.

There’s no shortage of people happy to offer the dream of running your own business from home with one hand while emptying your wallet with the other.

I would have loved to have one resource I could count on that explained in an honest, ethical way how I could first choose then launch an online business, along with guidance on the mindset I needed to succeed.

So I decided to create a newsletter to share what I know about creating a profitable online business so I can help other people to become successful. To help them avoid the expensive mistakes but instead take the right steps so they can progress, thrive and prosper.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your business

In my newsletter I provide guidance on the different types of businesses you can launch. This includes online businesses you can run on a laptop from a beach somewhere (I have yet to meet anyone that actually does this) and real world businesses you can run from home, with low startup costs but potentially high profits.

From my newsletter my aim is to first help you identify a business model that matches your skills and interests and then how to make it successful in less time and how to leapfrog your competitors.

I cover so many types of businesses that I guarantee you will discover one that’s perfect for your skillset and provides a profitable way to make money in a few hours a week or as a full time job.

What you gain from my Home Business Blueprint newsletter:

  • Tried and tested businesses you can grow from a laptop
  • Every business has low startup costs yet potentially high profits
  • A business that matches your skillset and you’ll love working on
  • You’ll avoid wasting money on systems that dont work or pie in the sky  schemes scams doomed to fail.
  • No more wasted time and money. Just productive progress towards your goal
  • Strategies and tools that can fast track your success
  • Guidance on how to develop the mindset of a winning entrepreneur
  • A faster, more productive plan for making enough money so you can quit your job

Transparency Pledge

I’ll be straight up with you – I may recommend products and services for which I am an affiliate. This means that if you purchase that product or service I earn commission. By being open like this, I hope we can have a relationship built on trust. Otherwise the rest of my advice to you will mean nothing.

I pledge to only recommend products and services deemed to be the best in their niche and have a proven track record of success. I always cover the pros and cons so you can make a balanced decision.

Most of the products and services I recommend are supplied with money back guarantees anyway. So if you try them and don’t make money within 30 or 0 days, you can get your money back.

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If you’ve been marketing online for a while already, this first guide may seem rather basic. But if you’ve never done any internet marketing before, growing your audience on Facebook is an excellent start.


Put yourself on the fast track to success

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So why not give it a try?

You may discover a new business idea or tool that transforms your success.

But if you never try, you’ll never know.

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